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List your Truck, SUV, Camper and Travel  Trailer for sale on the internet for Free. Search till you drop. If you’re looking at used trucks, you need to give yourself an edge on buying a sound truck. Have it thoroughly inspected by a certified mechanic that comes to you. Unless you think a used truck engine shines naturally. Click to save money.

List your Truck, SUV, Camper or Travel Trailer for sale Below

Transwest Used Truck Inventory; Light Duty, Class 2-3 Medium Duty,Class 4-5  and Heavy Duty Class 6-7-8 

Don’t end up making two truck payments on a used truck. More.

Always get your money first. Ever hear of a truck manufacture giving 0% interest on a used truck? More.

If you need to transport a truck across the country, Click here.

New Dodge Trucks at Fleet Deals: Ask for Kathy or Linda in fleet at 1-800-880-1940, Tell them MrTruck sent you.

1996 GMC Boxtruck Topkick 20 foot with a liftgate, 4 foot sleeper, and
6 speed manual 3116 cat motor (6 Cyl) in good condition with 500,000
miles for $5,000 OBO  schneiderofl@aol.com
Ford F-150, V8 302 motor automatic. Mint condition been taken real good car of. The truck has never been in any accidents. No rust on any part of the truck. Used all motor craft parts and fluids, New brakes, muffler, tail pipe ETC! There’s a Tommy lift 4 foot extension you can’t see in the picture but can be removed in the sale of the vehicle and the tail gate put back in it’s place if that’s your choice. No paint peeling, original paint. What ever was needed for this vehicle, it got!! Just like a baby. Has 185,000 miles. Asking 5,000. For more information please call 270-304-1558 or 270-765-5019
2007 Toyota Tundra SR5 Double Cab, Silver, 30,000 miles excellent condition, $19,777 OBO pattygirl7@gmail.com

My Favorite, CarsDirect

Biggest, AutoTrader                  

Bigger Trucks, TruckTrader

Free Truck, SUV & Travel Trailer Listing– Private Owners

email me with your listing and jpg pictures. Click on pictures to enlarge and back button to return.



Your  Online  Pickup Truck, SUV & Trailer  Resource Magazine.


PML Ford F250 Differential Covers Install, If you’ve read your trucks owner manual, there is a different schedule for normal use and “severe or trailer towing”. For some maintenance schedules you change oil twice as often for severe use. Towing stress creates heat, heat breaks down the oil faster and you know what happens next. A lot of us overload our trailers especially using 3/4 and one ton pickups. More….


MrTruck.com joins PickupTruck.com for their 2007 Heavy Duty Shootout with trailers. This is one intense truck comparison.  Part One  Part Two  Part Three




Stop tire cupping, vibration and premature wear on those expensive truck, RV & trailer tires. Centramatic automatic wheel balancers have been saving money on tires for semi-trucks for over twenty years. Now you can automatically balance your tires, wheels, hub and rotors or drums while you drive. A balanced tire doesn’t cub, vibrates less & lowers the tire sidewall temperature from less flexing, giving you longer tire life. 5 year warranty, made in the USA. More


SuperSprings Anti-Sway Safety Stabilizers do not replace the existing springs, but function together with the vehicle’s existing suspension system, providing additional support only as required, when the vehicle enters a bend, turn, swerve or when carrying a heavy load. Discover More…

SuperSprings: •Do not stiffen the ride when your vehicle is empty or on a straight road, as do overload springs. •Are inexpensive and easy-to-install. •Require no maintenance. •Reduce rear end sag and sway due to heavy loading. Today’s light trucks and Vans are designed for smooth ride and comfort when empty or lightly loaded. When fully loaded, the softer suspension in these vehicles tends to let the rear end sag, compromising safety and comfort. Find out More…

The Best Quick-Attach Mudflaps!

I’ve used and abused a lot of mud flaps over the years, Drilled a lot of holes in bumpers and fenders and welded my share of angle iron on trucks, just to get my mud flaps were they would do me some good. It’s a shame to have a nice trailer and then let your truck tires sandblast it and the wiring harness. These folks can solve that problem. Rock Tamers






Recommended These are cool mud flaps!  Rock Tamer





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