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Dodge Exhaust Brakes

Dodge Exhaust Brakes

1999-02 ISB 24 Valve
Exhaust Brake

started the Dodge exhaust brake era! The original and best performing
exhaust brake for your Dodge truck.

When you add a BD Brake to your diesel powered vehicle, you can drive
safely knowing you have: the latest technology, the finest engineering
and the ultimate in exhaust brake design from the original innovators of
engine brakes for personal-use vehicles!

BD’s 3″ vacuum cylinder with a progressive spring loaded piston delivers
100 psi apply & release pressure. The exclusive alumibronze bushings
prevent shaft sticking. The free flowing elbow casting incorporates an
off set stainless steel butterfly. Once the engine has reached the peak
retarding pressure the offset butterfly compresses the spring and
calibrates the retarding HP. It beats anything else in the industry!

BD’s casting simply bolts in place of an existing elbow. It’s attached
into the trucks vacuum system for control. No engine modifications are
needed on the 24 valve engines. For peak retarding power on the 12-valve
engine we have H/D exhaust springs available.




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