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Save thousands of dollars on your next pickup truck and get the right one this time!

Everything you wanted to know about Trucks but didn’t
know who to ask!

If you
are like most people planning on buying a truck,  you’re wondering exactly
what truck you really need. Don’t depend on the  salesperson to know the
answer. They’ve only been selling trucks for 2 days, 2 weeks, or 2 months!

The Truth about Trucks Series!

Read how to

“Get the Right Pickup Truck the First Time”

A Guide for Women and Men to buy the Right Truck!

It’s like judging trials we did in 4-H and FFA. Score the choices and pick the best one. Pick the Grand
Champion, not the bum Steer that is the dealers oldest unit and makes the
salesperson the most money!

About the author:

H. Kent Sundling alias “MrTruck” spent twenty years wearing out pickup trucks like only a farmer could. With over 1,000,000 miles pulling trailers, MrTruck has a unique collection of truck and farm stories that will educate and entertain. MrTruck gave up his bib
overalls and John Deere’s, in his quest to save the farm, (after the
divorce) he moved to the big city, (Denver) to sell trucks. Now almost 10
years later he’s still selling trucks and helping folks buy the right one.

The Right Truck;

I learned how to buy the right truck by;
you guessed it, by buying the wrong one a few times!  Since my first trucks
were used, I had no idea of what the manufactures gross vehicle weight
rating or warranty requirements where all about.  I hauled 3000 pounds in my ½ ton, 5000 pounds in my ¾ ton, and 10,000 pounds in my 1 ton. OOP’s, that was probably a little too much. That could explain why so many u-joints,
clutches and brakes.

It’s hard to recommend which truck without knowing what you are going to use it for. Half ton’s are generally used for the light work, loaded occasionally.
Three quarter ton’s and one ton’s can be loaded all the time just like their
cousins the 18-wheeler. The heavy-duty ¾ and 1 ton’s use to only ride nice
when they were loaded. They have come a long way baby.
Now they all
ride like cars. In the big cites people use them as cars. When I first came
to Denver I was amazed to see 5-year-old pickups with no scratches in the
beds. My pickups didn’t last the first day without a scratch. After you drop
the first salt block and the first big round bale, the bed just doesn’t look
the same.

Reviews and custom truck evaluations just for you.

Friends don’t let
friends buy the wrong truck!


I’m amazed how passed down for generations, is the belief that a salesperson we
just met, is a truck expert. I’ve been in the auto business for 10 years
now, and have met very few salespeople who could give truthful, helpful
answers to pickup truck questions. There is a place for sales and marketing
and they are needed professions. But it’s not exactly fair, when you buy a
vehicle every 4 or 5 years and your “trusted salesperson,” sells everyday!
Trucks can last a long time, so can the wrong one. My mission is to help you
before you spend $60,000 on the wrong pickup truck. Do you want the truth
about trucks? I’ve seen people hurt their credit rating by buying the wrong
truck and then having to go back and trade in that wrong truck for a lot
less than they just paid. Now they have the right truck and their payment is
$300 higher. With the economy of the 2001 recession and terrorist attack the
same year, layoffs are back. That $800 truck payment may have to be missed a
couple of times for the house payment. Believe me I’ve seen it happen too
much. Some salespeople hide in the grass and wait for that wounded Zebra to
drive in the lot. It’s always the nice people too! The tough truck buyers
like in everything else get their invoice deal and move on. This is not
brain surgery but the salespeople who generally sell new are the newest
least knowledgeable people on the lot. Selling new vehicles doesn’t make a
dealer as much money, something I argue with manufactures about. You need
advice about which truck, new or used will do the job for years to come. The
veteran salespeople with experience and some product knowledge are waiting
in the tall grass surrounding the used vehicles. Let me help you have the
knowledge to enjoy the jungle and come out the winner!

Just think of me as your guide to the inside. 

So, Which Truck Do You Need?

1.    Priorities, do you need a ½ or 1 ton, long or short bed?

2.   Do you need a diesel or gas engine, what is the mileage and break in

3.   What do you need to know about diesel fuel, winter, maintenance, and

4.    Which transmission will work best for you? Warning about overdrive.

5. Will you need Duals or Single Rear Wheels?

6.Which axle ratio do I need, anti-spin, limited
slip, posi-trac axle or not?

7. Will this truck pull and stop my trailer?

8. Bed liners for
resale and safety.

9.   My engine recommendations.

10. New or used, truck and auto dealer.

11. Don’t have the first year blues.

Read what people who bought my report are

Hi Kent, Thanks for your excellent report.  Really helps in
the decision making process.  I’ve just about made up my mind to get a 3/4 ton
diesel.  I looked at one of the sites discussing problems people have had with
Ford.  There seems to be a lot more things that can go wrong than with a gas
engine.  The problems seem more exotic and harder to fix.  Good diesel
mechanics are at a real premium.  Wondering if I should rethink the whole

PS.  I going to do extensive trailering in a year.  Thanks,  I R

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