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Cadillac Space Ship

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Cadillac Space Ship. The New Escalade for 2021

Yes a beautiful Cadillac Escalade Platinum space ship. And it can tow 8000 lbs on earth. This truck, (yes it’s body on frame meaning truck/SUV) is just exciting to look at. Driving it reminds me of the first super model I dated. The Cadillac has night vision on the giant screen behind the steering wheel, it’s not green night vision but black, white and gray. I bet that would work in a snow storm. Then there is the Super Cruise semi autonomous screen that shows a crystal clear view of what’s ahead of you from camera’s designed to steer you in the right lane. GPS navigation can show up on the same screen but the Heads Up Display is still up on the windshield. Who uses windshields while your driving now anyway? I’m just surprised it’s not all electric. It does have one of my favorite engines, 6.2L V-8 with a 10-speed. Or you can opt for the 3.0L inline 6 with the same 460 torque for the same price.

The Escalade Platinum is Latin for lots and lots of luxury. Real wood on the dash, doors, steering wheel and center console. With shiny aluminum on buttons and trim. Trim in the doors and across the dash light up green at night and the floor lights up green. Seating for 7. including 4 captains chairs and the front two where captain Kirk and Spock set, are 16-way adjustable, 4 way-lumbar, heated-cooled and of course massaging. I spent the whole first day playing with the seats. Which gave me time to play with the Conversation Enhancement. A couple of buttons in the steering wheel will change the way you sound talking in the $109,500 Caddy. The ride is smooth too, I towed 7500 lbs of trailer and glided over the potholes we use to call roads. With 4 wheel independent suspension, air ride and Magnetic Ride Control, I forgot I was in Colorado when the frost goes out.

All three rows of seats individual climate control. Giant panoramic moon roof. The three 4K OLED screens equal 38 inches of dash screen. 36 speakers, even in the head rest. It looks like heated cup holders and an adjustable cooler in the arm rest. You never know when you need a cold bottle of milk.  22 inch wheels, with the best looking lights I’ve seen on a truck. But it’s not all glitter as it has a receiver hitch, factory trailer brake controller and a limited slip axle. It’s very adaptive with adaptive cruise, adaptive remote start, adaptive suspension. The only thing I wasn’t crazy about, was the almost white interior. I seem to always have grease on my pants from walking too close to hitches. They brought me the Caddy with paper floor mats, they didn’t last long. I guess I should start saving, it’s going to take awhile to raise the down payment. You know I could buy a new Ford F450 platinum crew 4×4 diesel including the road tax for under $100,000 a little. But it would be a hard choice. Second row entertainment screens with wireless headphones, I could live in this. Oh those massaging seats?


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