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Luke’s Link Dodge 4×4 tracking bar permanent repair kit

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Luke’s Link Dodge 4×4 tracking bar permanent repair kit For Dodge truck owners: check this out! 90% of the time the reason your truck doesn’t steer well is the worn, loose track bar on your 4×4. A new expensive tracking bar won’t fix it permanently. Don’t spend hundreds of dollars replacing the wrong parts. Luke’s Link Dodge 4×4 tracking bar permanent repair kit.



It’s rare to find an aftermarket product that is so needed and yet so unknown about. But that’s exactly what Luke’s Link Dodge 4×4 tracking bar permanent repair kit is!

Dodge truck 4×4’s 1994 through 2001 (1500) and 2002 (2500/3500) have a solid front mono-beam axle with coil springs. To hold the axle in place, Dodge uses a tracking bar. This is a bar that is attached to the front axle and the truck frame. When this tracking bar gets worn, it allows the front axle to move some side to side. I’ve had customers tell me that their truck steered bad and their Dodge service department replaced the tracking bar. This seemed to only solve the steering problem for a short while and then back to both hands on the wheel again.

Johnnie Laucus of LaJunta Colorado has come up with the solution. Johnnie built a heavy duty ball joint replacement for the Dodge drag link that rebuilds the present ball joint and can be tightened as it wears. It’s cheap and built like a tank, what else could you want!

Johnnie also has replacement kits for Tie Rod ends for Dodge, older Fords, GM’s and tractors and combines. Now you know that trucks, tractors and combines, last for decades. It’s nice to see a family company building parts to keep us rebuilding our workhorses! And they all have grease zerks, I love grease zerks.

I have two of these drag link kits that will be installed in the field and tested. Soon I’ll bring you pictures, showing ease of installation and the steering difference. Stay tuned. Go visit the Luke’s Link website, they have detailed instruction, details and prices there. Just click


If you have a Dodge 4×4, 1994 or newer, there is a reason it doesn’t steer well. So before you spend the big bucks at a shop, invest the little bucks and solve your steering problem permanently and cheaply. Click for more…







Luke’s Link for Dodge Ram 4×4 Tracking Bar

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