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1994 Dodge Ram 1500 rock crawler 4X4 restore project

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Dodge Ram 1994 rock crawler 4×4 restore project, short bed, single cab

Latest video climbing snow with Dodgezilla Overkill against 2019 Ram Rebel

It’s finished! Watch the video, Part 4, 1994 Ram 1500 Dodgezilla Overkill MrTruck overbuilt project truck  ( Part 4 Dodgezilla Over build project truck for with Ruben my mechanic from Longmont CO. We transform a second gen 1994 Dodge Ram 1500 4×4 lifted modified truck with custom exhaust, trans rebuild, axle, brakes, etc. to compete with TFLtruck Big Green with the 1994 Dodge Ram 1500 rock crawler 4X4 restore project. project truck featured on TFLtruck youtube. With a 4 in suspension lift, 3 in body lift. Automatic transmission was rebuilt by Ruben at Colorado Trans, rebuilt better than what came with the Cummins diesel that year. Short bed, 33 in tires, outside is bedlined. Headers, new exhaust, new cat, new brakes all around, new front axle actuator. new seals in transfer case. 318 cu V-8. Power seat, power mirrors. New front bumper, new grill. death wobble brace, new tune up, replaced injectors, front axle, new tranny cooler. new high stall torque converter, Jet Power Module, tires are great, mud terrain BFG. Watch the 4 video’s on this page.

Finished Dodgezilla Overkill

Rolling chassis I bought on Craigslist for $600

Go to Ruben’s website to get your truck modified for the best it can be,

I bought a rolling chassis (no body) from Craigslist for $600. After we took the parts we needed, I sold the transmission and transfer case for $600 and scrapped the frame for $100. We took about $1400 in parts off to use on Dodgezilla Overkill. Parts were front axle, 4×4 actuator, steering box, injectors, tires and wheels. A good way to get parts for project trucks.

List of what was done to the 1994 Dodge Ram 1500: Transmission overkill, overbuilt transmission, seals in transfer case, lengthen front drive shaft, u joints, new 3 in. exhaust, cat, injectors, radiator, tranny cooler, brakes, brake lines, sensors, tune-up, axle actuator, death wable bracket, steering box, front axle, grill, front bumper, tailgate, firewall gasket, transfer case boot, wheel flares, tow hooks, skid plate, bedliner paint, ball joints, drag link, and much much more. Total investment $5800 including the $600 purchase price.

1994 Dodge Ram 1500 rock crawler 4X4 restore project on trailer

Superman headliner

3 inch body lift

A yard full of old trucks, this one I’ll get running sooner. It has a 318 v-8, 4×4, 4 in. lift, 3 inch body lift. I’ve always wanted a lifted truck. This is the first year of this body style. Bob Lutz whom just retired from GM was the big cheese at Chrysler in the eighties. He thought the current Dodge trucks looked too much like sedans. So he had the designers build something bold. Which it is, big fenders and a narrow semi-truck looking hood. It has 5 link front suspension with coil over shock front suspension with a Dana 44 axle, vacuum activated front hubs. Spicer rear axle and a much improved stronger bed. This truck spent most of it’s life in New Mexico so little rust. But the heat did yellow the plastic. The auto tranny is an upgraded 46RH. That’s the biggest problem. The guy I bought it from, rebuilt the tranny and reverse is missing. So we’ll overhaul it again. Has headers, a Superman comic headliner, 40-20-40 seat, my favorite and moon mirrors. The tires of good BFGoodrich mud tires 33x 12.5 x 15. The largest that would fit the fenders. We’ll be doing video’s with this truck and challenge TFL truck on Gold Mine Hill. The 1994  Dodge 1500 was Motor Trends “Truck of the Year.”

Dodge Ram 1500 restore project on MrTruck You Tube video: New project truck, restoring a 1994 Dodge Ram 1500 short bed 4×4. Motor Trend Truck of the Year for 1994. All new truck with the bold look that Bob Lutz asked for. We bought a truck on Craigs List from someone going thru a divorce.

I met Ruben Ontiveros of in Longmont Colorado. He was referred by a friend whom rebuilds diesel trucks. Ruben is fun to watch work. He knows what he’s doing and very efficient putting transmissions and trucks in general back together. Watch the video’s below and you’ll understand why Ruben is my mechanic.

1994 Dodge Ram 1500 work: Overbuilt auto tranny, new high-stall torque converter, new exhaust including cat, full flow exhaust, 3 in mandrel bends. EGR tube, tune up oil changes, seals on transfer case, skid plate for transfer case, new radiator, new tranny cooler, new rear drums, new rear brake lines, new vacuum lines, new throttle cable, lengthened front drive shaft with 3 new U-joints, new crank sensor. Ruben found a rolling chassis from a 1998 Dodge, we used the injectors,  complete front axle, steering gear box and emergency brake cable.

1994 Dodge Ram 1500 rock crawler 4X4 restore project;

You Tube Videos

( project truck 1994 Dodge Ram 1500, lift kit, headers and an OverKill automatic transmission rebuild from Advanced Transmission & Auto Repair, Part One. This is the truck that will challenge Big Green and Rusty Boy at
We made long video’s to explain how complicated auto tranny’s are.

Part 2 Dodge Ram 1500 Transmission rebuild MrTruck’s, Project Overkill Part Two project truck 1994 Dodge Ram 1500, lift kit, headers, 3 in exhaust and an OverKill automatic transmission rebuild from Advanced Transmission & Auto Repair. This is the truck that will challenge project trucks from


  • ( project truck 1994 Dodge Ram 1500, OverKill automatic transmission rebuild from Advanced Transmission & Auto Repair, Part Three. Transmission goes back in, transfer case in. Drive shaft surprise. This is the truck that will challenge Big Green and Rusty Boy at



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