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Pop Up Hitches Short bed truck solution: Full Product Review and Exclusive Sales

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Pop Up Hitches Short bed truck solution for towing your gooseneck trailer, can help prevent breaking your truck’s rear window (picture left-right) with a gooseneck hitch extension with popup short bed truck gooseneck extension. Call me for how to measure your truck bed. 303-883-1300

SB1, SB116, SB2 & SB3 Extension Coupler (round or square tube)

US Patent 6,629,700     Order below

Gooseneck Trailer Extensions, all have Gross Trailer Weight rating of 24,000 pounds. • Gross Tongue Weight 6,000 pounds.

 Popup short-bed truck gooseneck extension to save your trucks rear window!

For 3-car wedge type gooseneck trailers, use the 16″ HD models below

 Order $674 SB116HD 4 in round, Order $674 SB216HD 4.5 in square, Order $674 SB316HD 4 in square

Pop Up Hitches Gooseneck and fifth wheel towing products, Pop up hitches gooseneck trailer extension for shortbed trucks, gooseneck hitch extension

Popup Towing Products.  Gooseneck hitches and gooseneck extensions, recommended by “MrTruck”

An Extra Nine or Sixteen Inches Right Where You Need It. Or “how much does your trucks rear window cost?” Short bed gooseneck extension coupler solution for Towing Horse Trailers and Race Car Trailers.

Questions call 303-883-1300 , “Great Prices on Popup Hitches”  

New Popup Gooseneck Extension Coupler. 12 inches of reach  in 4 inch round, 4 inch square and 4.5 in square. Gross Trailer Weight rating of 24,000 pounds. Gross Tongue Weight 6,000 pounds.

Buy Now $1424 Below




Before you knockout your rear truck window, $451 click to order Model SB1,  9 in. Picture right. extension for 4 in. round tube.  How do you hook up your short bed truck to your gooseneck trailer?  9 inch gooseneck extension still pushed down on your gooseneck ball in the same place. Doesn’t change weight distribution on your trucks axles.

Short beds are increasing their popularity while decreasing their length as with  Dodge 2500/3500 standard bed at 6’3″, Ford F250-350 bed is 6’8″, GM 2500-3500 is 6’6″. 1/2 ton trucks with crew cab can have a 5’6″ bed. You still need the trailer weight far enough forward from your rear truck axle for steering control, balance, & efficient, effective brake & spring use. Popup gooseneck short-bed extension coupler.

SB1 drilled for the new Bull Dog side pinned coupler receiver or the two set bolt older style coupler tubes with the two set bolts. SB1 still has 9 inch extension for your short bed truck. $451 click to order   Before you knockout your rear truck window, order now.  Call 303-883-1300 for information on how to measure your trailer.

Gross Trailer Weight 24,000 pounds. • Gross Tongue Weight 6,000 pounds. • Fitted with 2-5/16”  spring loaded coupler. • Coupler latches and unlatches remotely. • Coupler precision casting extends ball life. • Extra heavy wall tube for maximum strength.  BLACK ONLY     • Includes coupler release cable and hardware. • Installs in half an hour. • 100% Complete. Picture to left is a 16 in SB116 $559

The solution for increasingly popular short bed trucks

All Popup Gooseneck adapters are now BLACK Powder Coat

New We’ve revised this new coupler with holes for the new Bull Dog pin system. (These have one set bolt and one pin clear through)….Now there’s help for the short-short beds. New from Popup, the SB116. The long short bed solution. It’s “16” inches of extension for 4 in. round. MrTruck price $559 Order SB116 now…  before you need a rear truck window. Gross Trailer Weight rating of 24,000 pounds. • Gross Tongue Weight 6,000 pounds.

Caution, the extra 16 inches may will put the trailer neck wing gussets closer to your trucks bed rail on turns. If you have large neck wing gussets you may want to measure 16 inches to the side and back to your trailer at 90 degrees to see what clearance you have. Trailers very with neck gussets.  THE SB116 MUST ONLY BE USED WITH A SAFETY THRU PIN as most new gooseneck trailers have.

Fits most standard 4 round inch gooseneck tubes. Sixteen” gooseneck extension

Heavy Duty model SB116HD 4 in round. Heavier tube, heavier gusset, heavier offset plate.  $674

4-1/2 inch Outside Diameter, of the square tube that goes in the gooseneck. Before you order, measure your neck tube. Nine Inch Extended Coupler for Square Trailer Coupler Tubes SB2 order now $452

SB216 4-1/2 inch Outside Diameter of the square tube the goes in the neck. order now $561  Sixteen inch gooseneck extension 

Gross Trailer Weight rating of 24,000 pounds. Gross Tongue Weight 6,000 pounds. Before you order, measure your neck tube’s diameter. ….Now there’s help for the short-short beds. New from PopUp, the SB216. The long short bed solution. It’s “16” inches of extension. MrTruck price $561  Order SB216 now… before you need a rear truck window.

Heavy Duty model SB216HD 4.5 in square, Heavier tube, heavier gusset, heavier offset Buy Now $674


SB3 4 inch square tube 9 inch extension order now $452 Gross Trailer Weight rating of 24,000 pounds. Gross Tongue Weight 6,000 pounds.

Before you order, measure your neck tube diameter.




 SB316 4 inch square tube 16 inch extension order now $559. Before you order, measure your neck tube.

Gross Trailer Weight rating of 24,000 pounds. Gross Tongue Weight 6,000 pounds.

before you need a rear truck window.

Heavy Duty model SB316HD 4 in square, Heavier tube, heavier gusset, heavier offset Buy $674 

Announcing the new XL Series of Extended Couplers designed especially for use with flat bed pickups having a recessed ball. We added 4” to the bottom tube between the coupler and the offset to give extra clearance above the flatbed.This will be a great benefit for your commercial customers many of whom have welders or other equipment mounted ahead of the ball on their flatbeds and need the extra 9” of room between the equipment and nose of their trailers.

SB1XL  with 9 inch standard 4” Round Tube $478 Order now

New 16 inch SB116XL 4″ Round Tube $594 Order now

SB2XL with 4 ½” Square Tube  $480 Order now   

New 16 inch SB216XL 4 1/2 inch square tube $597 Order now

SB3XL with a 4” Square Tube  $482 Order now

New 16 inch SB316XL 4  inch square tube $594 Order now

All are rated for 24,000 lbs GVWR and feature our popular self latching coupler with remote release cable and finished with durable black powder-coat finish.

Popup short-bed truck gooseneck extension to save your trucks rear window!

Pull your Gooseneck Trailer with a Pickup or Semi-Tractor

GN5 king pin to gooseneck adapter Review on

New Popup GN5, now you can tow you gooseneck with your Semi-truck. Slide out your old coupler and slide in the GN5 and tow with your 5th-wheel.

Order now.. $267  For 4 inch round gooseneck

Allows Gooseneck Trailers to be pulled with Semi-Tractors. 30,000lb Trailer Rating
 GN5  4″ Round Tube for GN trailers $267 Order now..
 GN6  4 1/2″ Square Tube for GN trailers $272 Order now
 GN7  4″ Square Tube for GN trailers $267 Order now
GN5 has 7/8″ holes thru both sides
GN6 has 1″ holes thru both sides.
GN7 has 1″ holes thru both sides.

 9″ Extended King Pins
SB5  4″ Round tube  for GN trailers  $361 Order now
 SB6  4 1/2″ Square tube for GN trailers  $361 Order now
 SB7  4″ Square tube for GN trailers $361 Order now
SB5 has 7/8″ holes thru both sides
SB6 has 1″ holes thru both sides.
SB7 has 1″ holes thru both sides.

  Standard S.A.E. king-pin with 10″ round bolster plate fitted to 18″ long square or round tube. Durable Black powder coat finish. Fits standard gooseneck trailer coupler tubes.


GN1  four inch round coupler tube.  Spring loaded stainless steel pin for automatic latching by dropping coupler on the ball. Add to cart $286


Popup Gooseneck Cushion Coupler

 The CC2 Cushion Coupler fits standard 4” I.D. round gooseneck coupler tubes. The self-latching cast coupler has a handy hitching guide and is “V-19” Rated at 28,000 pounds. It latches when the trailer is lowered onto the ball and releases remotely. CC2 has 8,000 lb tongue weight.

For more details & history design.  Order the CC2  $773

 FREE Shipping

And All New for Short-bed Trucks

Popup Gooseneck Cushion Coupler for Short-bed trucks

CC4 –Buy $907    4″ Round          CC6Buy $907  4.5″ Square        CC8 –Buy $907  4″ Square




T5SRT Outside Gooseneck Trailer Sleeve for 4 1/2 in OD coupler sleeve. Add to cart $151



Getting the trailer away from the cab

Watch the neck gussets for clearance on the truck bedrail

Keeping the ball ahead of the rear axle for balance & steering weight

Save your trucks rear window with a wide nose

Room for propane tanks and a tailgate

Moving the trailer back

Quick spring loaded coupler

90 degrees &  inches to spare on wide nose

Simple to attach.

Just slides up the gooseneck tube.

This is at 90 degrees against the cab further forward than you need.

You also have more room between the tailgate and trailer.

You know I like extreme tests!

Who says I don’t take notes!

Built like my dad made it

Spring loaded coupler can be latched inside & outside the bed

Popup short-bed truck gooseneck extension to save your trucks rear window!

With newer hydro-formed boxed frame trucks, you may not be able to mount your ball in the truck bed where it does you the most good. This well built coupler from Popup Industries is a fast and safe solution to mounting the ball 2 to 4 inches ahead of your rear axle. I like the ball 4 to 5″ to allow all your truck springs, axles and bearings to be working for you. Having the proper “steering weight” on your front axle gives you better control. Your want your trailer level also, so the trailer can use all of it’s springs, axles and bearings as well as have the maximum trailer brake available to you.

“I installed the SB1 extender on a Featherlite 4 horse trailer last fall and it has worked great.  I can tell no difference at all in the way the trailer pulls or how it handles. We have a lot more confidence in maneuvering the trailer in tight spots, especially those 90 degree turns through narrow gates. I pull every weekend to a bird dog field trial some where on the east coast.  It’s a great product and a good idea. Jim J.”

You want to be able to distribute the trailer weight over all the axles of your truck and trailer. In the RV world there are several hitch companies that make “sliding mini-fifth wheel hitches.” Ever see a sliding adjustable ball? This gooseneck coupler tube extension is built like a tank! It comes with a spring loaded coupler, so you can pull the included cable to latch and unlatch your trailer without climbing in the bed. Yes I said ‘without climbing into the bed.” I have talked to trailer manufactures about using this new coupler extension and was told that they “didn’t have a problem with it.” order here.

order here.
Another way to hitch a short bed. This will prevent hitting the cab of the truck with the trailer when jack-knifing.  But how much would a welding shop charge to make an extension hitch and would they test it and stand behind it? What if it’s welded at the wrong height?

More Trailer Swing, Easier Hook-Up.

Everyone who tows a gooseneck trailer needs more clearance between the truck and trailer. You either need more trailer swing for maneuvering, or you need more room at the tailgate for hooking up. Well, PopUp has a simple solution to this predicament. The new PopUp Short Bed Extended Coupler provides nine inches more clearance between the truck cab and the trailer nose, and between the truck tailgate and the trailer bulkhead – giving you more trailer swing and more room for hook-up. To make the towing experience better yet, this extended coupler latches and unlatches remotely. 3 3/4 inches from ball to top gusset against the trailer neck tube. That’s how much clearance you’ll have with the SB1 all the way up the trailer tube. The new PopUp Short Bed Extended Coupler fits standard round trailer tubes, square tubes and installs in about thirty minutes.

Popup short-bed truck gooseneck extension to save your trucks rear window!

Order Now SB1 $451One size fits all 4 inch gooseneck round tube coupler, even the new side pinned Bull Dog type Coupler receiver. To Order Just Click

Email me Questions problems call 303-883-1300.  Safe secure website ordering.

NEW and Improved You’re going to love this newly redesigned PopUp 2 Hitch. Smoother acting and trouble free.  We’ve made the best hitch even better.  One pull of the handle to raise the ball is all it will take to convince you that this is the hitch you want.  Try it and see.

We’ve replaced the cam mechanism with a simple yet strong and reliable slide to raise and lower the ball.  Simply pull the rod to raise the ball and push to lower it. Raise and lower the ball from the wheel well of your truck. More info….

The Flip-Over Ball gooseneck hitch converts to a smooth bed in seconds. Just rotate the handle and Flip the ball over. In seconds you can have a level bed for all those jobs when an ordinary hitch ball is always in the way. No fabrication or welding. Installs with truck bed in-place. 30,000 lbs. Trailer. 7,500 lbs. Tongue. 100% complete, More…


Gooseneck cushion coupler for a better rideRV 5th conversion to gooseneck ball


Questions just ask me or if you want to pay by check, just email me,

Trailer Tested, Horse approved.


Popup short-bed truck gooseneck extension to save your trucks rear window!

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