1971 Ford F250 High Boy Project Truck

Got the title, it’s a 1971. Finally I’m getting a Ford High Boy ( Factory High Rider ) again. I had a 1976 High-Boy 20 years ago. It was my favorite truck of the 20 plus trucks I’ve owned over the years. All Ford High Boy’s are F250 or F350. Narrow frame, divorced transfer case and a 4 in. rear axle lift. This matched the higher front suspension to help steering geometry. Most High Boy’s had 4.10 rear axle ratio’s, we’ll find out and if it has a limited slip axle. Bed is straight and as good as I’ve seen including the tailgate. The cab corners, doors and front fenders have rust. Pipe bumpers welded to the frame, shows it was a ranch truck made for hard work. Seat needs reupholstered, grill needs attention. Engine is 360, rated at 215 horsepower and 330 torque. No smoke, starts well with manual choke. AM radio works. But it’s a project truck and looks to be the best shape of any of the project  trucks I’ve played with so far. We’re working on the brakes now and will be changing all the fluids when the brakes are done. Looking for wheels. Cooper wants to give me tires to review. Hood and bed are rust free. It’s going to take a rolling chassis without engine from Craigslist.org to finish this job. Stay tuned for progress as budget allows.

Running project cost: $2000 cost. $100 battery, $150 for used tires and wheels from Craigslist.org 33/12.5R/16.5, Electric ignition, plugs, cap, ect. $150. Lug nuts, $49.  Used tires, $75. Chrome air cleaner $45, chrome oil cap, $3. Total: $2572. One front axle hub has a problem, rear axle needs a seal.




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