Kwick Kranker Gooseneck Power Lift Adapter

How many cranks does it take to get your trailer off the ball? If you have a cordless 1/2 in. drill, you can create a power trailer jack. Gooseneck Power Lift Adapter electric jack replacement. Check out their website, see how it works Kwick Kranker

Made in Tennessee USA ph. 1-559-618-0964 Click to see the new Top Crank for smaller trailers

How many trailer jacks do you have to buy? Kwick Kranker is a new tool that will be your only trailer jack. You probably already have a 1/2″ cordless drill, why buy electric trailer jacks, batteries, wiring and maintenance? When your electric drill can raise and lower existing trailer manual trailer jack 7 inches in less than 10 seconds. You need a gooseneck power lift adapter. Try your manual jack and see how many cranks it takes to move the jack 7 inches. Lifts goosenecks, horse trailers, semi-trailers, flatbeds, dumpers, stock trailers, etc.. In this video we demonstrate Kwick Kranker on several brands and species of trailers. Mostly with a Flex 1/2″ drill I bought from Lowes. You won’t need a block under your trailer jack. Kwick Kranker has a lifetime warranty. Made from stainless steel and aluminum in the USA. If you enjoy sweating and spending too much time hooking to your trailers, you’ll enjoy being too tired to ride your horses when you get to the trail. Or you can save time, sweat and money if you like that sort of thing. One minute install, Veteran owned, Life Time Warranty. Recommended by trail riders.

Watch video test and review below

Video below, demonstrating Kwick Kranker for dump trailers and jack Speed Test

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