Gen-Y Hitch heavy duty adjustable drawbar for today’s powerful trailering trucks

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Gen-Y Hitch heavy duty adjustable drawbar for today’s powerful trailering trucks;

Gen-Y Hitch, One Hitch Does it All and a New Torsion Flex Hitch, video’s below

Gen-Y Hitch heavy duty adjustable drawbar hitchGen-Y Hitch heavy duty adjustable drawbar hitchTo me it’s unbelievable what todays pickup trucks are rated to tow. 2015 Chevy and GMC 3500 dually diesels are rated to tow 19,000 lb bumper pull trailers without a weight distributing hitch. It wasn’t that long ago that a one ton was rated to low less than 19,000 lb gooseneck trailer. Hitch companies have had a hard time keeping up with the new trucks. 30,000 lb gooseneck trailers are here for Ram 3500 and Ford F450. Which means 3 inch gooseneck balls aren’t just in Australia anymore. The 2015 Ford F450 comes with both the 2 5/16 and 3 inch gooseneck balls. Gen-Y Hitch heavy duty adjustable drawbar for today’s powerful trailering trucks.  Click for Gen-Y Hitch website

Gen-Y Hitch heavy duty adjustable drawbar hitch

Gen-Y Hitch heavy duty adjustable drawbar hitch

One company that has kept up with new trucks is Gen-Y Hitch. ( These steel adjustable, multi-ball, multi-height, pintle, weight distributing hitch is the highest trailer rated hitch I’ve seen. I own 11 adjustable receiver hitches, (sometimes we test 12 trucks at a time.) My highest rated hitch was 14,000 lbs. The one I’m using from Gen-Y Hitch is rated for a 16,000 lb. trailer with a 2 inch shank. For Class V receiver, 2.5 inch shank, trailer rating goes up to 20,000 lbs. Use to be you had to go to a pintle hitch to get a rating of 20k lbs. But Gen-Y  Hitch  20,000 lb. trailer rating is on a 2 5/16 inch ball. Buy Gen-Y Hitch now

Gen-Y Hitch heavy duty adjustable drawbar hitch

GenyTorsionGen-Y Hitch heavy duty adjustable drawbar hitchThe Gen-Y Hitch I use will fit 4 different trailer couplers, all 3 ball sizes and pintle ring. And so will the new Torsion Flex Hitch shown (picture right.)  This new hitch has torsion arms like a torsion axle on a horse trailer. The flexing rubber tubes around the square shafts, cushions the hitch, absorbing the shock and separating the movement of your truck and trailer. There’s also a gauge showing the tongue weight of your trailer (picture left.)  Adjust the Gen-Y Hitch to keep your trailer level using all the trailer bearings and brakes. Know your tongue weight for safe trailering and enjoy the cushioned ride for less fatigue for you and your cargo. See the video below.  Click for Gen-Y Hitch website


Besides the strength and height adjustment features we need, it’s made in America. What makes the hitch so strong is each adjustment is boxed in, like several hitches welded on top of each other. Most adjustable hitches have a slot in the middle and you move the ball up and down. A slotted hitch could spread under load. Gen-Y Hitch is boxed so it can’t spread. And most adjustable hitches use two pins on the ball so you can only go so far up or down. Gen-Y Hitch has one pin enabling the ball to go all the way to the top or bottom for a larger range of height adjustment. Just one pin makes adjustment faster, one pin is all that holds any hitch on the trucks receiver. Buy Gen-Y Hitch now


Gen-Y Hitch comes in several adjustable heights. It’s important to have an adjustable hitch to level your trailer. If you have several trailers like I do, they can all be different hitch heights. A level trailers distributed trailer weight to all the tires, axles, bearings and brakes. If your trailer axles aren’t level, the high one with less weight can lockup the brakes.  Buy Gen-Y Hitch now

Three hitch ratings, 10,000 lb., 15,000 lb., and 20,000 lb. trailer capacity. All three ball sizes are optional as well as pintle hitch and a weight distributing hitch. Now one hitch can just about handle all your trailer needs. This hitch gets 5 stars from me. The hitch balls will store under the shank.  Click for Gen-Y Hitch website


Gen-Y new Gooseneck Torsion Flex Coupler

Gen-Y new Torsion Flex Hitch for your Trailer 

Gen-Y Torsion Flex Hitch Video

Gen-Y Hitch Heavy-Duty Adjustable Hitch Video


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