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Flip-Over Ball, Popup gooseneck truck bed ball hitch

Flip-Over Ball For your Gooseneck Hitch Recommended my “MrTruck”In the seventies, I wrote articles about needing the gooseneck ball 5 inches in front of the rear axle for proper steering weight so your truck didn’t wander. Now with crew cabs and extended cabs, the truck frames are longer and 2 inches in front of the rear axle works. This helps with short beds. Popup places the ball 2 inches in front of the rear axles. The other guys are 5. Popup Flip-Over Ball also has a round shank, so it can rotate without a trailer and stay freed up. The other guys have a square shank and can stick or freeze up if not lubricated regularly.

New Lower Prices


Buy Now $349  Model chart below

Invertible Gooseneck Hitch Ball 

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Just rotate the handle and Flip the ball over.

Hassle-free retaining pin mechanism.

2-5/16″ ball rotates in socket for extended life.

Stainless steel retaining pin and spring.

Includes spring loaded safety chain anchors.

Bolt-in installation with only a 3-1/2″ hole in truck bed.

Grade 5 and 8 installation hardware provided.

No fabrication or welding.

Installs with truck bed in-place.

30,000 lbs. Gross Trailer Weight.

7,500 lbs. Gross Tongue Weight.

100% complete.

The Flip-Over Ball gooseneck hitch converts to a smooth bed in seconds. Just rotate the handle and Flip the ball over. In seconds you can have a level bed for all those jobs when an ordinary hitch ball is always in the way. It’s easy with a Flip-Over Ball hitch.



How it Works

The Flip-Over Ball is locked in the one-piece ball socket with a spring loaded stainless steel pin. To invert the ball, just reach into the driver side rear wheel well and rotate the actuating rod 90 degrees. This cams the retaining pin to the open position. Invert the ball, and rotate the actuating rod back to its original locked position. That’s all there is to it.


Hassle-Free  Buy Now $349  Model chart below

The Flip-Over Ball is not only easy – it’s hassle-free. The ball socket is machined from a solid piece of high-grade steel to insure strength and years of service. The retaining pin is machined from stainless steel so it will not rust and seize. The pin is held securely in the locked position by a strong stainless steel spring. When the actuating rod is rotated 90 degrees a cam retracts the retaining pin to its open position so the ball can be inverted. When the actuating rod is returned to its locked position –  the retaining pin securely locks the ball in its socket. extending ball and coupler life.

Since the ball base is round, it stays easy to pull out of it’s socket by hand when disconnected to switch ends and have your truck bed floor to use again. I’m seeing a lot of folks switching from 5th wheel couplers to gooseneck ball couplers because of the ease of use and being able to use the truck bed without wrestling the 5th wheel coupler out of the bed.

Tough Enough

Flip-Over Ball hitches are rated at 7,500 lbs. maximum tongue weight and 30,000 lbs. maximum trailer weight.

Flip-Over Ball components bolt together with the truck providing an extremely strong and reliable towing system. And you get this comforting strength with only a 3-1/2″ hole in the truck bed floor.. And, Flip-Over hitches are built specifically for each truck model – so they are a perfect fit.

For safe towing, spring loaded U-bolts (which are level with the bed floor when not in use) are provided for anchoring Safety Chains.

Designed and Built for Strength  Order Now   

Front and Rear Cross Members are fabricated from 2″ X 2.5″ X .375″ angle. (1″ X 2″ steel bar is used for the Front Cross Member in Dodge and for the Rear Cross Member in new body style Chevy and GMC Silverado/Sierra.) Cross Members span and sit on top of the truck frame, thereby transferring all trailer tongue weight directly to the frame of the tow vehicle.


The hitch Center Section, containing the Flip-Over Ball hitch ball mechanism, is fabricated in a 24” long channel formed from 0.25″ steel plate. The Center Section assembly is trussed to accommodate extreme vertical and lateral loading. Bolting the Center Section in place between the Cross Members creates a vertical load capacity that greatly exceeds the maximum rear axle load rating of the pick up trucks Flip-Over Ball hitches are designed for.

Flip-Over Ball Frame Plates, which secure the hitch to the tow vehicle, bolt to the Front and Rear Cross Members and use existing frame holes in the web of the frame to bolt to the outside of the truck frame.

Flip-Over Ball hitches are designed and built to provide years of trouble-free service The cold-finish steel hitch ball is plated with bright yellow chromate.

 Easy Installation

If there is not a Flip-Over Ball dealer near you, most trailer and truck accessory businesses can install your Flip-Over ball hitch.

You may choose to install your Flip-Over Ball yourself.  The installed hitch spans the truck frame under the bed floor bolting on the outside of the frame rails using existing holes. It is not necessary to loosen the bed box for installation, and no welding or fabrication is required. They work fine with bed liners – drop-in or spray-in, and require on a 3-1/2″ hole in the bed box floor. Everything is provided with the Flip-Over Ball hitch system, including all installation hardware and useful installation instructions. Some hitch models require frame drilling. Installation time is about 2 hours.

Flip-Over Ball Model Chart    $349  Order Now  Text Box:

Improved Invertible Gooseneck Ball

~ Just rotate the handle and Flip the ball over ~ Ball is free to rotate in socket for less wear ~ Doesn’t rust in place

~ 3 1/2” hole in bed floor

~ 30,000 Gross Trailer Weight

~ Installs without lifting bed

~ Comes complete with all mounting hardware

Flatbed weld-in kit for all trucks $189 order now

Model 200    Installation instructions     Flat Bed Weld-In Kit

Flip-Over Ball Model Chart    $369

200 Flat Bed Weld-In Kit



208 Ford Super Duty    4X2, 4X4 F250, F350, F450 2008-2016 See 5 below
208 Ford Super Duty -1999-2007 4WD Ford F250 & F350

2008-2016 2WD & 4WD F250, F350, F450

1999-2016 See 5 below
211 Ford Super Duty   –  4×2  2WD F250- F350 1999-2007 ¾ ton, F250 & 1 Ton F350
210 Ford Classic Body Style Long & Short Bed 1 1980-1998 ½,F150, ¾,F250 and 1 Ton, F350


Ford F-150

Ford F-150



½ Ton, F150

½ Ton, F150

227 Chevrolet-GMC 1500 2012-2016 1/2 Ton, 1500
207 Chevy/GMC 1500 series 2007 – 2011 ½ Ton, 1500 all beds
213 Chevy/GMC Classic Style Long Bed ONLY 1988-1998

½ ton, 1500

 ¾,2500 and 1 Ton, 3500
218 Chevy/GMC Long & Short Bed 1 2001-2007       3500
228 Chevy/GMC Long & Short Bed 6 1999-2006


 2500 HD
 3500 HD


Chevy/GMC 2011 2500HD & 3500HD

Chevy/GMC 2011 2500HD & 3500HD



¾,2500 and 1 Ton, 3500

¾,2500 and 1 Ton, 3500

219 Dodge New Style Long & Short Bed   2002-2008

1/2 Ton, 1500

3/4, 2500 and 1 Ton, 3500
229 Dodge Mega Cab 2006-2008

1/2 Ton, 1500

3/4, 2500 and 1 Ton, 3500
216 Dodge Classic Style Long & Short Bed  3 1994-2001

½ ton,1500, 3/4 ton,2500, 1 ton, 3500

¾,2500, 1 Ton, 3500
217 Ram 2500 2013 ¾ ton,2500 Also Mega-cab
317 Ram 3500 2013-2017 All bed lengths  Also Mega-cab
239 Toyota Tundra 2WD and 4WD includes Crew Max 2007-2017 All bed lengths Includes Crew Max
 318  Ram- Dodge 3/4 ton only, Also fits Mega Cab  2014-2017   3/4 ton, 2500 only
 308    2017-18 Ford F250 & F350 4WD            2017-2018    F250 & F350

1 Models 210, and 218 require drilling in truck frame.

3 Model 216 fits only Classic Style trucks and will NOT fit 2002 1/2 ton trucks.

5 Model 208 fits 2008- 2016 F-250. F-350 and F-450 series trucks with factory bed, 2WD and 4WD, also fits 1999-2007 4WD F-250 and F350

6  Moves ball 2″ rearward from 218 position fits 1999-2008 2500HD series, 2007 3500HD series trucks  Fits 2007-2009 3500 series, DOES NOT fit earlier 3500 series trucks

Patent Pending

Popup 112 Ford Light Duty Long & Short Bed 1997-2003 ½ & Lt. ¾ Ton

Also see our RV 5th wheel Extensions and Gooseneck Adapters

     The most asked for gooseneck towing products in America. 


Or Try

NEW and Improved You’re going to love this newly redesigned PopUp 2 Hitch. Smoother acting and trouble free.  We’ve made the best hitch even better.  One pull of the handle to raise the ball is all it will take to convince you that this is the hitch you want.  Try it and see.

We’ve replaced the cam mechanism with a simple yet strong and reliable wedge slide to raise and lower the ball.  Simply pull the rod to raise the ball and push to lower it from the wheel-well of your truck.  More info….




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