2023 Ford Super Duty Launch

Yes we finally have a new Ford Super Duty. Two new engines, a new 6.7L High Output diesel and new 6.8L gas engine. The HO diesel is 500 horsepower with 1200 ft. lbs of torque. The 6.8L is just a smaller version of the Godzilla 7.3L. The 6.8L has 405 horsepower and 445 lb. ft. of torque. Only available on XL and STX for work trucks. Transmission is lighter in 6.8L, the diesels and the 7.3L have beefier transmissions. So many new features such as bright adjustable HUD, first Heads Up Display for Super Duty. The cameras are better with mirror camera’s that depending on which turn signal you use, will show you in the center screen all the way back on that side of the trailer. A big safety feature. Also, the tailgate step is lower and now a corner step in the bumper and one by the front of the bed where you could reach into a cross-over toolbox. Both bumper and sidestep have an optional extra pull-out step which we need on taller trucks. The Tremor SD off-road package also has a rear turn Trail Turn Assist in 4-wheel drive for those tight trail switchbacks and 35 in. tires. Now for the first time on a single cab, 4×2 with high output diesel are rated to tow 40,000 lbs. Same configuration can have a payload of 8000 lbs. More power, more towing, more payload.

All 4 engines have the 10-speed automatic. Also the new Pro Trailer Hitch assist using cameras can help you backup automatically to a conventional trailer by itself. The rear tailgate cameras will also adjust to see the rear of the truck with tailgate down or up. Of course, another option is the scale to weigh your payload and tongue weight called Onboard Scales and Smart Hitch. A new Trailer Navigation will use your trailers dimensions to warn you if bridges ahead are too low for you trailer height. For fleet trucks with aftermarket beds can have Ford Pro Management Software Telematics to link snowplows, cranes and more to be controlled in the cab. Super Duty is the first truck with embedded 5 G high performance network from AT&T. And from Qualcomm WiFi Hotspot will link to 10 devices. Pro Power Onboard features 5 times more exportable power with 2.0 kilowatts of output for your jobsite. Standard 8 in center screen on XL and STX with a standard 12 centers screen for Lariat and above models. Center console is made to hold a tablet upright. My favorite Max Recline seats lay almost flat, so I can take my noon naps. Alexa so you can talk to the truck, free for 3 years. Such technology is the 2023 Super Duty makes trailering, construction, and flat-out fun easier.



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