Mud Flaps protect your trailer from your truck!

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ENKAY Rock Tamers,
more than Mudflaps

Mud flaps protect your trailer from your truck! Mud Flaps, Mud Guards, Splash Guards, Truck Mud Flaps, they are receiver hitch mudflaps

Mud flaps protect your trailer from your truck!

Mud flaps protect your trailer from your truck!

2 inch, Matte Black Powder Coated Aluminum #00108 (Below)
Style One Size
Fits all from 66.75″ to 93.75″ width, 2 inch shank
Order $389.99

2.5 inch,Matte Black Powder Coated Aluminum #00110 (Below)

Fits all from 66.75″ to 93.75″ width, 2.5 inch shank  Order $389.99

3 inch, Matte Black Powder Coated Aluminum #00112 (Below)

Fits all from 66.75″ to 93.75″ width, 3 inch shank  Order $389.99

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 Great mudflaps that come off in seconds when you don’t need them. That will help with fuel mileage. Rock Tamers are stiff and stay pointed down to do their job but that means when you use them they have some wind resistance. Pull the pin and they slide off with your receiver drawbar. Then no one will bump their shins on the ball and you save fuel, the EnKay Mud flaps protect your travel trailer from your truck! Use for any trailer you want to protect. Excellent for boats!

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Width and Height adjustment for any truck or SUV

New From ENKAY Rock Tamer Mudflaps

ENKAY Rock Tamer Mudflaps

ENKAY Rock Tamer Mud-flaps On MrTruck’s truck!

They are bold and sexy! I consider them the best built mudflaps I’ve found. I still love the old model and they are bullet proof. I’ve had them in sagebrush off road and the only thing that hurt them was the spray arm in a car wash. And all I did was bend the rod back and on the road I go.

The new model has a polished aluminum yoke, as the old model was brass. The new model has heavy wall aluminum tubing instead of steel rod. Still adjustable in and out and up and down. Which is so good for my truck reviews which range from a tall H2 to a Nissan Frontier. And I review new trailers too, so protecting the trailer from Interstate gravel, keeps the trailers coming.

Mud flaps protect your trailer from your truck!

Any mudflaps can protect your trailers from mud, that’s a slow speed problem. But the damage comes from the little rocks and gravel that are on the roads from wind and snow plows. And those little rocks get propelled when you’re going 70 mph +. The old Rock Tamers had a two pound weight embedded in the bottom of the rubber flap. This kept the mudflaps from sailing at higher speeds which is where the protection is needed. The new model is a thick rubber flap with vertical ribs which keep the mudflaps pointing down at 70 mph +. Now they are better looking, a bold tough look with a sculptured chrome plated aluminum yoke and big horizontal tubes holding the thick rubber flaps with a stainless steel Rock Tamer plate at the bottom.

These are the most heavy duty, adjustable mudflaps I’ve found, and I look hard. They won’t sail down the road, but stay in place and now they look like a bling, bling accessory that makes your truck look cooler. Function and beauty, just like me. Kent Sundling, (MrTruck)

The yoke fits 2 inch drawbar stingers. The drawbar that attaches to your trucks receiver hitch. Everything you need for installation including a hole punch for the template height adjustment holes. Start your install with the chrome plated yoke on your 2″ ball drawbar. Add the stainless steel plates on the flaps. Yoke has three set bolts to clamp the aluminum tube. The bump on the end  is rotated to the side and keeps the tube from pulling out.
Heavy tube aluminum supports the mudflaps. Yoke and tubes ready for flaps. Just size the mudflaps to what length you need and cut the template lines and holes. No drilling. Sleeve slides over pipe for adjustment from 66.75″ to 93.75″ for compact trucks to duallies. Plastic protective caps on each end of the aluminum tube.
Inside aluminum tube adjusts to extend the mudflaps out and so does the sleeve the flaps are attached to. On the back of the mudflaps are built- in templates for different lengths to fit your truck and SUV. And Rock Tamers come with a hole punch to finish the template holes. Mudflaps are 24 inch x 24 inch Finished, just add trailer and stir

Protect your trailer, protect that expensive boat, protect your trailer wiring harness.

I wish I’d invented them. They are so adjustable, they will fit anything with a receiver hitch with a two inch stinger. And when you aren’t pulling a trailer, they just slide off if you want them off.  All the materials are top notch quality.   It’s not that often you can find accessories made this well. They are made in  Colorado, just like me. Truck and SUV adjustable mudflaps. I’m used them on Hummers and tall Dodge Trucks to the lowered SS Silverado.

Investment for your trailers paint job, and it’s future resale value. The folks at ENKAY are selling these “Rock Tamers,” cheaper than I would. You’ll know what I mean when you slide them on your truck!

Protect that trailer from your truck,  get those mudflaps now, unless you like painting your trailer every  year!

For my truck and SUV articles, I use ENKAY’s “Rock Tamers.” Each vehicle I review is a little different, this 2003 Chevy Suburban Quadrasteer’s rear axle is wider by 3 1/2 inches than the front. No problem for the “Rock Tamer” mudflap, they will adjust to fit any of your towing vehicles.

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