2020 GMC 1500 AT4 CarbonPro Off-Road Truck

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Some trucks just stand out, The New 2020 GMC 1500 AT4 CarbonPro Off-Road Truck is one of them, the 2 inch lift, aggressive Goodyear Wrangler Duratrac tires, diesel engine with a 10-speed and it’s a sexy beast. Crew cab 4×4 with a CarbonPro bed. It’s space age technology with camera’s that show what’s in-front of you, on the side of you and at the rear. Even camera angles of the outside of your tires. GM 1500’s with the 3.0L in-line 6 cylinder diesels are the only 1/2 tons with exhaust brakes. On the 10-speeds tow-haul and exhaust brakes come on with one button together. Another remarkable distinction for the 3.0L  diesel, is it’s the same price as the premium 6.2L V-8 gas engine in the New 2020 GMC 1500 CarbonPro AT4 off-road truck

The only production truck with a carbon fiber composite bed insides used in super sports cars. It’s light and durable. Weighs 25% less than a steel bed (60 lbs) which means 60 lbs more payload. Dent resistant, scratch resistant, corrosion resistant and the CarbonPro comes with two extra tie-downs in the front of the bed. Then there’s the testing: dropping cinder blocks in the CarbonPro, dropping 1800 lbs of gravel, dropping 450- lb water filled steel drums into the CarbonPro bed. Snowmobile test, track with metal studs driven on the bed and accelerated  to wide open throttle with a 250 lb rider. Then of course extreme weather testing and using a generator exhaust pipe directed the corner of the bed to try and melt it. So this is the bed you can’t wear out.

And then there is the 15 in. Heads-Up Display, I love it. Just look at the windshield and you see, gauges, cruise control, off-road angles and more.

The new 3.0L inline six cylinder diesel has 277 hp and 460 torque. It accelerates well with a trailer, I think the best in class. 90% of the torque of this diesel is available at 1250 RPM, like a hair above idle.

The 2020 truck I drove was rated to tow 9100 lbs, 910 tongue weight, and I know that because there is a label in the drivers door frame that tells me all the specs I need to know about towing and payload capacity which shows 1456 lbs.

The EPA MPG states 24 combined, 26 highway and 22 mpg in the city. This is a loaded truck with a MSRP of $66,295. This truck has a teen driver mode, that records excessive speed and distractions. Now if it could just shut off the phones while driving. Need a grandpa driver mode, as my grandkids remind me if I answer my phone on the road.

This package comes with auto-locking rear diff, X31 off-road suspension, HD air filter, skid plates, and Hill Decent Control. A popular option on only GMC,  MultiPro Tailgate. It’s the tri folding tailgate that makes a stair case to the bed. This one had dealer installed Kicker audio weather proof speakers in the MultiPro Tailgate. Besides all the cameras on the outside, the rear-view mirror is a camera on top of the cab. It’s an intense view and a wide angle view. But if contrast is too bright for you, just flip the lever on mirror and it becomes a normal mirror.

The diesel engine option is $2495.  Adaptive cruise control is still my favorite option. Sun roof, aluminum 18 in wheels and more aluminum in the hood doors and tailgate.

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