2022 GMC AT4X

Reviewing the new 2022, yes the real 2022 GMC 1500 AT4X off-road truck. We reviewed the fake 2022 AT4 which was the 2021 with a new vin number, several truck manufactures will carry the old model and relabel the year or call it a classic and sell next to the real new one. This is a little different as the new AT4X would be improved but not ready to get it out until now. This is a cousin to the all new 2022 Chevy ZR2. This real 2022 truck with the new name AT4X has eXtra features that are awesome. Front and rear locking axles, not limited slip, 2 inch lift, multimatic DSSV dampers (shocks), mud-terrain tires, rock rail. Finally a full size off-road truck from GMC. New 13.4 inch main screen, 12 in gauge screen, new hybrid T-shifter, paddle shifters on steering wheel. New wider grill, new stitching and piping on the full-grain leather. 32.5 in. tall tires. Oh yeah, massaging 16 way seats and 12 Bose speakers. 1322 lbs. of payload, towing 9000 lbs. of trailer. Real open pore ash wood trim. 15 in. Heads Up Display, trailer brake controller now is behind the T-shifter on the center console. Phone charger moved to the entrance of the center console lid. The AT4X is $12,500 more than the old model AT4. MSRP $76,790, highway MPG is 18. And it’s fun with the self adjusting  multimatic DSSV dampers with multiple spools and reservoirs for one of the best rides out there with rear leave springs. Towing a 8200 pound trailer did make it squat being close to the max trailering capacity. With the 2 in lift and locking axles, it can be a weekend trail machine in the mountains. 25.5 degree approach angle and 23 degree depart angle. Eleven in ground clearance with 9.84 in front wheel travel and 10.62 rear wheel travel. This is more than my Honda Pioneer side by side.

Also one of my favorite powerful gas engine, the 6.2L V-8 with 420 horse power and 460 pound ft of torque. Making the new AT4X one of the best all-around trucks, like me can do everything. Yes, trailering, off-road, long trips and more. Terrain modes for different terrains, one pedal driving where just the gas pedal makes it go and off the gas slows it down in high or low range. A great way to learn rock climbing. I took the track and trailer up to Estes Park on curvy mountain roads and highways. Smooth ride. First time in many years there was no wind. So I celebrated with some Cherry Cider found on the road to Estes Park. The only thing to complain about is no 12 volt outlet. Just many USB outlets and 115 volt outlets, but I still use a 12 volt plug for many things like my Tuson trailer tire pressure monitor.  GM is still king of the camera’s, very useful. Next week reviewing the all new 1022 Toyota Tundra with Izzy. This is the week I caught Covid 19, Delta version. So I didn’t take Izzy, don’t want to spread it. I’ve had 3 vaccinations do it ended up as a mild case. I’m the last one in the family to get it. Now I can live forever.

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