2024 GMC review specs of the GMC 2500 AEV Edition and show you how it’s perfect for off-road fun and towing trailers. We’ll also give you a glimpse into the future of GMC trucks with the GMC 2500 AEV Edition! So come on down and check out this badass truck! 2024 GMC 2500 ATX4 with Duramax diesel, Allison 10-speed with AEV edition for off-roading fun and hauling with a heavy duty truck for 18,400 lbs. of towing. MrTruck and Izzy take on the curves in the Rockies trailering. With 11k trailer the 2500 HD didn’t squat much. 470 horsepower and 975 lb. ft. of torque makes for a capable trailering truck. Massaging seats, heated both rows, is an enjoyable smooth ride up Poudre Canyon. 36 gallon fuel tank is good for towing. 1.5ft lift with the AEV off-road package, boron steel nose bash plate and steering gear skid plate, steel transfer skid plate, heavy duty steel bumpers, this AT4X is well protected. The AEV heavy duty Salta black aluminum wheels have the look.

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