National hay prices

Back in the old days, when I was young and crazy, I use to bale hay, straw and cornstalks 24 hours a day, 10 months a year. I would bale for 3 days and sleep a day. You know that might explain a few things today, 12 years later. I was told by a major baler manufacture that I was the largest custom round baler in the country. I’ve wore out many balers and swathers, sometimes doing 5000 acre jobs. National hay prices.

Hay Auction results below.

It’s not easy putting hay up right. I figure it’s like making fine wine. You have to get a feel for the right dew on the leaves. You have to cut it at the right stage to keep the protein high. And then if you’ve done that right all you have to worry about the weather. A small detail! Getting the hay swathed, baled and stacked between rains is the fun part. Free listing for horse hay, alfalfa hay, oat hay, grass hay, straw etc. below.

A lot of our readers are wondering what hay prices are doing. A lot of the trucks I’ve sold end up with hay in the back someday. So why not post what hay and straw prices are doing in my neck of the woods. Hey,Hay,Hey,Hay! 

I want to see the guy who threw those bales on this truck! There’s a better way to ship your heavy haul.

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Hay and Straw. You asked. Hay is a green immature leafing plant, be it alfalfa, grass, oats, etc. Straw is a yellow mature mostly stem plant that has been harvested to remove the seeds, usually wheat, barley, oats, rice, beans etc. Straw has little feed value, used for bedding or sometimes mixed with hay to stretch supplies and provide bulk to feedlot rations. Though the plants used as straw can be used as hay if harvested as a green immature plant in the beginning dough stage. Cornstalks can used like straw. It soaks up more moisture than straw.

I still haul hay once in a while. Click on the picture.

Amy from MI knows how to haul hay the way I use to.



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