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Your Truck Questions answered.
My answers to the following questions are based on my
years of owning, pulling
with, and selling Chevy’s, Ford’s,
Dodge’s, Isuzu’s and Toyota’s. These are
my opinions
based on my experiences. I select the most asked questions
to be
viewed on this site. Do to the increasing email questions
about trucks, I’ve had
to convert this forum into an interactive

handle all the questions.

Come on in
and talk about your favorite truck or your nightmare! I could
talk for days about the  early eighties holy frames on the Ford’s,
saddle tanks on the Chevy’s, metric transmissions from GM and
putting Perkins combine diesels in pickups until we finally
have a diesel in a pickup from Cummins. But now I’ll let you
spill your guts. Get it all out, you’ll feel better! Enter Below
and Have Fun!

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What to you think, tailgate up
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My editorial pre-view of the
message board.
In my ten
years of answering questions on trucks and trailers publicly, I have learned
2 basic truths. #1 Right or wrong folks will disagree with you, which is a
good thing. #2 It’s hard to find the right truck, a lot of people don’t have
the ideal vehicle that they need. So I can either, (a) recommend everyone
get a 2-ton dually, or (b) tell you my opinion of what you can do with your
present vehicle and what help it needs, or if you can’t get there from here,
tell you what dangers you face. And recommend the right vehicle.

Due to the
volume of mechanical questions we get, I asked  technical
vehicle expert Mark Salem to help with those
specific questions. It’s hard for me to keep up on all the latest technical
mechanical things and research trucks, trailers
and accessories. So for
those mechanical specific questions please visit Mark by clicking here.

He also has the best diesel chips for a safe
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  • Don’t buy a used car without Carfax!

  • Get the real history of any used car.

  • People do some strange things to cars…

  • Don’t make a $10,000 mistake!

NEW verses USED Revised

We all know how nothing stays the same. Markets change, economies change, my
weight changes. With the recession of 2001 and that darn 0% financing on new
trucks that seemed great at the time, we now have too many used trucks. This
year, 2002 we can hardly sell any new trucks. Free money, 0% interest, took
folks way into the future out of the market by buying early. And you can only go
so low on a new truck and then you have one of  those bankruptcy sales.
Used trucks get churned over and over at the dealer auction when things get slow
and finely some dealers gets great bargains. One year old trucks are still too
close to a new truck but 2 years old  and older trucks are way down there.
Now of course you know what I say about used 4×4’s, they need a great extended
warranty Click Be sure to
check or have checked a used truck over carefully. I’ll be coming out with a
list of what to look for soon.

We have all heard how much you loose when you drive a new

car off the lot.
Cars drop like a rock no matter whether they were used or new.

The people
you hear this saying the most from are the USED CAR SALESMAN.

They make more
money on used than new. You don’t have an invoice

on used vehicles and you have
no way of knowing exactly how much

they traded it in for. Very few people pay
full retail for new vehicles

and then there are those rebates. It would surprise
you how close the

actual sales price of a new vehicle and a one year old one
are. And

you know the new one wasn’t raced to the airport by 100 different

people. I actually know people who trade every year and never change

their oil.
Some of the used vehicles make it all over the US that have

come from the last
hurricane. You can see the water damage on the

starters and exhaust systems.
Some manufactures, especially Ford

have different settings from the factory by
the altitude too.

Now in trucks, since they have better resale value and generally last
longer, can priced even higher at one year old than new. I have seen

happen often. To see a significant difference, you need to go back 3

in trucks. The 3/4 ton’s also hold their value better than 1/2 ton’s and
extended cabs or crew cabs 4X4’s are the kings. In 4X4’s used, can

be a
whole new experience. Since you won’t know how much off road

use it had, a 4X4
can create it’s own payment! It seems that every

part on the bottom of a
4X4 costs $2000. If you are the first owner of a truck, especially

a 4X4 or
diesel and you take care of it can last you decades. I see a lot of

buying diesels that don’t know anything about how to take care

of them.


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Interesting Sites-Research

Clutches do wear out,  save money below. for Standard Clutches

Your used truck was probably missing it’s owners manual.

Order your owners manuals here

Fence Post, farm magazine, Windsor CO

The best
weekly magazine I’ve found. They have a tremendous reach with their
classified adds. A very entertaining and informative magazine.. I
started a monthly truck column with “The Fence Post” farm and ranch magazine on
Nov. 13th, 2001.

Doug Peterson in his beautiful Ford F250 Lariat!

#1 How big of trailer can I pull? What is
a camper package?

#2 Which axle ratio do I need? What is limited
slip axle?

#3 What size is the box? Will my camper
or shell fit?

#4 Which fuel does it use in the winter?

#5 What is the brake in period for the engine?

#6 What is the fuel shut off switch? What
is an off-road package?

#7 What is the mileage difference between

#8 Is a used truck really cheaper?

#9 Which bed liner is better for me?

#10 Do I need a diesel? Is maintenance and
mileage different? Are emissions different?

#11 Who has the best loans and warranties?

Had a Ford E-150 conversion van for 17 years..375,000 miles
and never had the heads off! Still running fine when I gave it away to
charity. I was lonely for a truck and mom just let get a 1996 F-150, Eddie
Bauer with the I-6. Sweet truck and I hope it lasts as well and as long as
the first…You have a neat site…Thanks…Pete
Pete B,
Chula Vista , CA USA


R A,

“Copyright 2000 by H. Kent Sundling”



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