“TripleLok torque converter from ATS Diesel Performance”


TripleLok™ Torque Converter

torque converter  with hand built machined billet parts, not
stamped. You won’t find the

welds that warp
in this cover. I was impressed at the workmanship involved at ATS Diesel
Performance in building a torque converter designed for high performance
diesels and hauling the heavy loads we buy trucks for.

The Colorado mountains are a real world test
for diesels and automatic transmissions. If you drive through the
Rockies on I-70 by the ski resorts, 11,000 ft. passes, and “truck
runaway ramps,” you’ll notice how fast pickup truck diesels loaded to
the max are flying past you in the left lane. Here trucks are modified,
for more air, more exhaust and if you are in the majority, you need an
upgraded automatic transmission.

Performance,  Arvada Colorado,  acquired Advanced
Turbo Systems, Salt Lake City Utah. Both companies specializing
in diesel performance, now combine for a complete line of
performance aftermarket accessories for pickup trucks and SUV’s.
Headquartered in Colorado……More….

Strongman Competition, is coming to Colorado
, July 2, 2005.
ATS Diesel Performance HQ Arvada CO. World Strongman Cup is an
all day event highlighting athletes performing disciplines that
challenge their strength, endurance, and skills will be covered
and aired by ESPN.




After hearing Clint Cannon, president of ATS
Diesel Performance on a Saturday radio show and hearing him speak before a
crowd of Turbo Diesel Registry enthusiasts, I am sure I’m talking to “Mr.
And he’s here in Colorado where extreme testing is part
of our back yard. High altitudes are even harder on diesel engines and auto
transmissions, which truck manufactures seem to forget about.
to learn more

The TripleLok torque converter and optional
valve body is designed to handle exhaust brakes needed on the fast side of
the Rockies. Heavy duty trailer pulling and camper hauling, is why we buy
diesels. Shifting a manual transmission behind a diesel isn’t as much fun.
Automatic transmissions take the work out of driving a diesel. Auto
transmissions have come along way in the last 10 years for diesels. You
didn’t use to dare use an auto pulling heaving loads. As transmissions get
better, the auto torque converter seems to be the weak link with factory
torque converter. Under a load the factory  clutch inside the torque
converter does slip causing heat  and debris to plug valves and ports
damaging the tranny.

There is a reason why the truck manufactures
have added automatic transmission temp gauges lately. They know things are
gonna heat up and they want you managing the problem instead of them.

Improving your Trucks Transmission and Air Filter.
With all this power in pickup truck
heavy-duty diesels, automatic transmissions, which are the majority
sold, need to be heavy-duty also. With an automatic transmission,
the torque converter is the weakest link as is the clutch with a
manual transmission. Check out my install review More…

So why not modify your tranny to be up to the
task. If you modify your engine or haul the big loads, why wait until your
torque converter shells out thru the rest of the transmission and the repair
bill grows. Break downs on the road especially on the fast side of the
mountains, or with a load of your favorite horses can ruin a good weekend
raise your blood pressure. Modern diesel trucks are a big investment. Folks
are keeping their trucks longer like in the old days when my beard wasn’t
gray and leasing wasn’t invented yet.

ATS Diesel Performance, upgrades many
new truck automatic transmissions. Folks who modify their trucks power
and those whom pull heavy trailers know the limitations of the factory
transmissions. This 04 GMC dually with the Allison has just had the
Complete Allison LCT-1000 Transmission Upgrade.

While your torque converter is locked up,
your engine runs at a lower rpm and the transmission is cooler. Using
another product from ATS Diesel Performance, the ATS TripleLok Commander can
control when and how long your torque converter does lock up. With their TripleLok torque converter and all the other quality
products found at ATS Diesel Performance, you will get the right advice on
what your truck needs to keep you grinning. There is a reason you’re
addicted to the power of your diesel, finish your truck right and enjoy
watching the odometer roll over and over…Even their website is top-notch.
Click to learn. Comes with
a great warranty too, 3 years even with that big trailer and chips you don’t
want to show your dealer.

When you call ATS customer support, 
most often you get to talk to Mr. Transmission himself, Clint Cannon,
president of ATS Diesel Performance.

Every wonder why a manual transmission gets
better fuel mileage than an auto? Most auto’s waste power through the fluid
coupling by not locking up the torque converter sooner in the torque band.
Then the factory torque converter clutch slips, loosing power, overheating
and wasting fuel.

making the best torque converter, ATS has the best website to learn about
transmissions. It’s nice to learn what your stock transmission is missing
and how it works. Check out ATS University
just click.

5293 Ward Rd. Arvada, Colorado 80002

Telephone 303.431.7973 or 800.949.6002 
Fax 303.431.0135

John Wind hauls big loads for a living and depends on
his TripleLok torque converters in all three of his diesels.

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