Boar Trailer Tire and Wheels for trailers!

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Boar Trailer Tire and Wheels for trailers!

Boar Trailer Tire and Wheels for trailers! The Best Tire Solution!


Trailer tires are my biggest problem towing. Close second and third would be trailer wiring and wheel bearings. Tires are you’re first defense on a road trip. Imagine towing a trailer in Arizona in the summer with horses or livestock. When you blow a trailer tire in the summer heat, the air stops circulating in the trailer and you only have a limited time to change the tire. You end up with several spare tires. Technology in trucks has advanced by leaps and bounds, including knowing the air pressure in the truck tires, even duallys finally. Ram and Ford duallys can now tow over 30,ooo lb gooseneck trailers. GM and Ford have heavy duty trucks with a bumper pull tow capacity of 21,000 lbs.  Trailers on the other hand are pretty much the same as a couple decades ago. Though we do have self-adjusting trailer brakes and never lube axles. We now tow faster, some trailer tires are rated for 80 mph.

When you order a new trailer, you can get 10K axles, 17.5 in wheels and 14 ply tires. But what about all the trailers you have now? Boar Wheel has a solution I tried out. Most of my trailers have 235/80 R-16, 10 ply E rating. The Boar wheels I tried are 19.5 low profile radials with 225/70 R-19.5, 14 ply G rating tires. These are commercial tires SAE tested like semi-trucks and commercial buses. Boar Wheels and Tires are heavy duty, with less flexing on turns, higher air pressure at 110 psi all made for heavier loads. The tires are regroovable and retreadable like the big boys.  Per tire capacity on Boar can be 4,000, 5,000 and 6,000 lb. verses my 16 in. 10-ply tires at 3,000 lb capacity.

But the really useful part of Boar wheels is they will fit where most of the 16 in. trailer tires fit. They are 8 bolt, 6.5 in. wheel pattern with either 9/16 or 5/8’s stud. And they are only 1/2 in. taller than my 16 in. tires. We have 7 test trailers we use to review new trucks and SUV’s. We test on tracks, in the mountains, at 11,000 ft and brake test. I’m hard on trailer tires, glad I found Boar. Boar heavy duty 19.5 in 14 ply tires will handle more heat, more weight, last longer and bring more safety to trailering.

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