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a Crew  Cab and an eight ft. bed. No Urea (diesel exhaust
fluid) like Ford and GM diesels for 2010 new emission laws.

Dodge will be the only truck offering a manual and automatic
transmission option. New cab isolated hydraulic dampener
smoothes out the ride. This should be the model year for Dodge
HD trucks to gain market share. We know it will be the lowest
price diesel truck.

Dodge Ram Heavy Duty, 2500-5500

Dodge Ram 3500 Mega Cab still only in a short bed (6′ 4″), new

more aerodynamic
fenders are all metal instead of plastic. Styling
cues inside and out are from the 2009 Ram 1500 for a quieter,
tighter cab.

Canyons Ranch near San Antonio Texas gave us the appropriate
driving course to tow maximum trailers and test some long

Dodge Cummins 6.7L
diesel engines with their built in exhaust brake, were 2010 EPA
compliant when the 6.7L Cummins was introduced in 2007.5. This means
Dodge won’t need major diesel engine changes for the new law as Ford
and GM did. Though the 2500/3500 pickup trucks won’t need urea, the
commercial cab and chassis 3500/4500/5500 will use urea (diesel exhaust
fluid is the official name.) Commercial trucks have different EPA tests
and certification than class 2/3 pickup trucks.



3500 has heavy duty rear leaf springs with double overload
leafs. On a dually the ride could be rough. Many over the road
semi-trucks have air bags supporting their cabs. Dodge uses the
same principle to improve the ride for 2010 with a hydraulic
dampener supporting the rear of the cab.

This dramatically tamed down the Dodge dually ride.

Crew cab configuration is the most popular, Dodge finally joined
the party since dropping crew cabs in the seventies, though the
Mega-cab is great as a limo with reclining rear seats and room
to drool over, but only with a short bed. It’s still easier to
tow gooseneck and 5th wheel trailers and haul
slide-campers with an eight ft. bed. The new Crew Cab replaces
the Quad Cab.

stats; 9 in. longer wheelbase from Ram Crew 8’ bed to Mega Cab 6’4” bed,
20 inch longer wheelbase for Crew Cab long bed and Crew Cab short bed.
6.7L Cummins diesel has 350 horse power 650 lb.-ft. of torque at only
1500 rpm, 1400 rpm with manual transmission. Dodge Cummins diesel is
rated for 350,000 miles, Ford and GM rate theirs at 250,000 miles. The
gas engine that’s standard on the Heavy Duties, is of course the 5.7L
Hemi at 383 hp 400 lb.-ft. torque that only comes with 5-speed automatic
transmission 545RFE.

3500 dually max
trailer towing is 17,600 lbs. with a 5150 lbs payload.  Gross
combined weight rating (truck, trailer and cargo) up to 24,500 lbs, with
late availability Max Tow Package 25,400 lbs. 600#’s higher GVWR on
2500, GCWR up 500#’s on 3500 dually. Increase in front axle weight
ratings and larger axle U-joints for snow plows. Class IV receiver hitch
is standard.  And best of all, lower prices for 2010. Picture
below, w
e towed trailers loaded with
passengers at the max capacity. The only way to review.

The 68RFE 6-speed
automatic transmission has Electric Range Select, in manual mode using
the + and – buttons on the shifter lever for the highest gear that you want
the transmission to go to, all without over rapping the engine. It’s
like having a programmable manual transmission without the work. 
Tow/haul mode keeps the engine in maximum torque curve. You can manually
shift the auto, I let the computer shift, then I did manually, I won.
Torque Converter lockup in 3rd 4th 5th
and 6th helps the automatic transmission hold gears just like
a manual transmission.

Dodge will be the only heavy duty truck offering a manual and automatic
transmission option this year.

In my experience, Dodge has the lightest steering, less fatigue on long
drives. Another feature for less driving stress and towing trailers in
the mountains is the standard exhaust brake on the diesel engine which
came out with the new 6.7L Cummins in 2007.5. This allows less wear on
your trucks brakes, transmission and your nerves.

floor storage and under seat compartments are convenient, reminds you of
minivan conveniences.

Interior on the 2010
Heavy Duties is from the 2009 Ram 1500, big improvement over the plain
plastic in the previous model. The cab is quieter with triple sealed
doors and lowered door opening. Storage compartments are everywhere, more door pockets, also a new center console with double layers and a double door
glove box. Some cool options like remote start, backup camera, lift
assist on tailgate, heated steering wheel radiates to upper body fast,
heated/cooled front and rear seats, and SIRIUS Backseat TV with 3

for 2010, integrated trailer brake controller, supplied by
Continental, same as GM, I just wish it was on the right side of
the steering wheel.

Dodge Cummins 6.7L diesel engines with their built in exhaust
brake further increases your trailer stopping control.

Class IV receiver hitch is standard.

Axle ratios 3.42, 3.73, 4.10 and

towing feature is the new bigger 7” x 11” trailer mirrors with
full convex spotter mirror, twice the size replacing the corner
fish eye spotter mirror of the previous HD’s.

don’t know how you tow without spotter mirrors, they show you
the little cars sneaking up on your passenger side and which
mail box your trailer fenders wiped out turning into your yard.

I fit the Dodge Ram
demographics, I wear blue jeans all the time, use my truck for work and
fun, male, married, some college, in my fifties and darn good looking.

Laramie edition with
remote start will turn on the heated drivers seat and heated steering
wheel and turns up the fan. So nice in Colorado. Toyota style cruise
control paddle behind the steering wheel is not a highlight, touchy
controls, you push in and it moves up or down too much. Front floor mats
are like dash mats. One piece goes all across door to door, so you can’t
just shake out drivers side mud. I like the backup camera’s and lift
assist on tailgate. All the right gauges and digital readout in the
center makes for easy monitoring of the important truck info. 2010 heavy
Duty Rams have a

taller grill and hood dome with slight louvers.

Power Wagon, an underrated contender deserves respect.

Does your rock crawler have that much wheel travel? Yes that’s a
12,000 lb
Warn winch in the bumper.

Locking front and rear differential,
electric disconnect for the front sway bar for rock climbing.

Power Wagon is back, (picture above.) Amazing how much front
axle articulation it has when the front anti-sway bar
disconnects for off-roading.
Comes equipped like a H1 Hummer with locking front differential,
Warn winch, Bilstein shocks, 2 inch lift and 4.56 axle ratio.
The new triple sealed doors and tighter body on the 2010 Ram
really comes across in the taking the Power Wagon off-road. You
don’t hear squeaking or wind when bouncing off rocks diving into
mud holes or at full axle articulation bouncing on trails. Power
Wagon is a lesson in proper NVH.

Bold new look, the Ram still
looks tough
Data port in the glove box for
you IPod.
New inviting crew cab so you can
take it all with you
Kyle is over 6 ft. with room in
the new crew cab

Little Brother 2010 Ram 1500, new
model’s second year, with
increased payload and towing. LIttle was changed on the truck.

Interior from the 2009 all new Ram 1500, center console, double door
glove box, floor storage, storage in doors, nice package, I need this. Heated steering wheel radiates to upper body fast,
heated/cooled front and rear seats, SIRIUS Backseat TV 3 channels.



above with 3 horse trailer, handles a 2 horse better for level
towing. But there’s always big brother, 2500 if you need more

Backup camera’s are very popular,
good for trailers and parallel parking.

The 2010 Ram 1500 I reviewed, had traction
control. It works great in cars and was surprised at how well it
improved the Rams ability to drive in the snow. I towed the trailer
pictured above 100 miles on snowy roads that I’d normally use 4×4. In
4×2, the Ram controlled the trailer well even in the mountains. The
traction control shut off cruise control when it detected the first
slick spot. Each bridge and slick spot activated the TC, you could feel
the truck straighten itself out.



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