Dodge Ram Hybrid Electric Vehicle

Dodge Ram
Hybrid Electric Vehicle (HEV) Goes Into Production

DaimlerChrysler has begun production of
the Dodge Ram Diesel HEV. The Ram HEV has start-stop capability, which
shuts the engine off at full stop and restarts when the accelerator is
pressed. A regenerative braking system helps recharge the batteries. The
savings on fuel is up to 15 percent over comparable engines. The Ram HEV will
be available to fleet customers.



The Dodge Ram Diesel HEV is built on the
Ram Heavy Duty (2500/3500) chassis and is equipped with diesel/electric
hybrid propulsion. Diesel works well as a hybrid because there is fuel
economy savings with a diesel compared to a similar gasoline engine.
And, in the case of our 325hp/600 lb-ft Cummins Turbo Diesel, there
isn’t a comparable gasoline or diesel engine. 

Improved fuel economy and lower emissions
are reasons that customers choose hybrids, but the Ram HEV offers
another benefit. The truck can operate as an electric generator,
providing 110/220-volt AC power, which would be useful on job sites, for
recreational use and for use during emergency power outages. In fact, it
can provide enough electricity to power four average households.

In short, the Dodge Ram HEV is unique
because it combines diesel and electric for propulsion, and it can
provide electric power for on-site utility. Joining the Ram HEV are
multiple Orion hybrid buses that are already in use. DaimlerChrysler
also has plans to market other hybrids, including the new hybrid
Sprinter van in early 2005.

Hybrid vehicles offer fuel savings by
using an electric motor and supplemental batteries to assist the
engine in accelerating the vehicle. Further efficiencies are created by
a regenerative braking system. Hybrid vehicles are part of
DaimlerChrysler’s advanced propulsion technology umbrella, which
includes efficient gasoline engines, advanced diesels and fuel cell

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