EZ Connector pickup install review

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EZS7 Sealed male connector. Thumb alignment tab for easy alignment and insertion in the dark.

Watertight cord seal and strain relief withstands accidental disconnection with no damage.

Water-block powder in cable prevents phantom corrosion due to nicks in cable jacket allowing water in the cable.

Available with up to 14 contacts, they are easy to see if oxidized and easy to clean if necessary.

Magnet and plug are totally sealed water-tight if dropped in water, to prevent phantom corrosion.

Double O-ring seals keeps plug watertight when in use or stored.

EZS7 Self-Closing trailer plug holder. The trailer plug holder is meant to be mounted on the trailer to store the plug when not in use. It’s attractive self-closing cover keeps debris and rain out while traveling.

Plug is securely held up while stored minimizing the chance of dragging. Being watertight while stored, it protects the plug from salt air keeping it corrosion free and ready to go.

More reviews….   and  the factory website  http://ezconnector.com/



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