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I take great pride in picking sponsors for my website. I figure it reflects on the quality and credibility of MrTruck.com. I don’t allow truck manufacture advertising and I do the picking. I was so tickled to get Featherlite Trailers to come aboard. I’ve admired their trailers for years. I remember back in the seventies when I first saw these aluminum trailers, they were the first and almost 30 years later they are still leading the way.

For 40th anniversary, Featherlite® Trailers rolls out features and options that add value through versatility, convenience and style. Expanded capacity for farmers, ranchers. Farmers and ranchers often need to haul more cattle in one load, with as little hassle as possible. The Model 8271 stock trailer helps by combining the chassis of a semi stock trailer with an all-aluminum subframe and a gooseneck hitch. A lack of internal fenders further increases the Model 8271’s impressive carrying capacity.

Featherlite Trailers honors top dealers at annual Dealer Meeting.

CRESCO, Iowa (March 4, 2013) — The 2013 Featherlite Dealer Awards Banquet, held February 26, 2013, recognized members of the Featherlite dealer network for achievements in sales growth, service and performance for the 2012 sales year. Boespflug Trailers of Dickinson, N.D., was awarded the Featherlite Cup Award, which goes to Featherlite’s top trailer dealer each  year. In addition to the Featherlite Cup Award, the following dealers were named the #1 dealers in Featherlite’s major trailer categories:

  • #1 Featherlite car trailer dealer – Golden Gait Trailers LLC, Concord, N.C.
  • #1 Featherlite living quarters dealer – Harrison Ford, Inc., Wellington, Ohio
  • #1 Featherlite stock trailer dealer – Boespflug Trailers, Dickinson, N.D.
  • #1 Featherlite horse trailer dealer – Harrison Ford, Inc., Wellington, Ohio

Low profile 5’ wide stock trailer new hauling option for hobby farmers

A new low profile five foot wide bumper pull stock trailer, the Model 8105, is now available from Featherlite Trailers. It is designed for lighter hauling of small livestock by hobby farmers and 4-H families.

The trailer’s compact design and aerodynamic v-nose allows for convenient towing. The trailer is 14 feet long and four feet, six inches tall and includes a standard wood floor, full swing center gate with slam latch, full swing rear gate with lockable slider and escape door. Other standards include a dome light, LED clearance lights and extruded aluminum fenders.

Factory Review: Featherlite can pump out thousands of trailers a year, from horse trailers, cargo trailers, car haulers, NASCAR race trailers, specialty semi trailers, helicopter pads and portable emergency rooms for events like Katrina. Featherlite was the first aluminum specialty trailer born in 1973 when I was sophomore in high school. Featherlite started the trend in1985 with torsion axles, ahead of the crowd. Better ride than leaf springs and safer. See the models and features being built.

Featherlite Trailers named #1 livestock trailer manufacturer: Featherlite Trailers was recognized as the number one manufacturer of livestock trailers in 2011, as determined by data from Statistical Surveys, Inc. This is the fifth consecutive year Featherlite has received this award. Featherlite is the nation’s oldest aluminum specialty trailer brand, having built its first aluminum livestock trailer in 1973.

New 2013 models unveiled at Featherlite:

 Mobile cooling station, ‘Flex Foot’ ramps, service/fuel trailer & more!

Featherlite Trailers’ product development team had the word ‘unique’ on their minds when developing the new line up of 2013 Featherlite trailers, which were introduced this week to the Featherlite dealer network as part of the annual 2-day Featherlite Dealer Meeting. When visiting local dealers, trailer buyers will have even more distinct models to select from, as well as enhanced features and options that offer more value, convenience and safety.

Unique living quarters design in Featherlite horse trailer optimizes living space and outdoor/indoor entertaining while away from home.

CRESCO, Iowa (May 25, 2011) — Horse owners can now customize the front of their bumper pull horse trailer with a living quarters, including an outdoor cooking area for entertaining at horse shows and events. This configuration was initially designed for horse trailer Model 9406 but with Featherlite’s PerfectFitTM System, other models can be outfitted with the front living quarters or outside cooking area. The Model 9406 with this unique option includes a 2-burner cooktop, microwave and sink housed in a compartment in the front of the trailer that is accessed with a hinged flip-up door. The trailer also features:
•        Refrigerator
•        19” LCD TV/DVD
•        Cabinets
•        Radio/CD player
•        Awning
•        Exterior speakers and porch lights
•        Insulated and paneled walls and ceiling
•        Linoleum floor
•        Outside shower

New 2012 stock trailer options include Rumber® flooring that gives livestock firmer footing

CRESCO, Iowa (July 26, 2011) – An expanded selection of options for Featherlite stock trailers helps to maximize the comfort and convenience for both owner and animal.

Emerging as a popular option for 2012 models is Rumber® flooring. The Rumber floor serves as a cushioning surface for livestock, giving them firmer footing and minimizing the risk of injury and stress on joints. It’s also quieter for livestock when entering the trailer, will increase the value and life of the stock trailer due to its durability and is UV and water resistant. Rumber manufactures its flooring from 100% recycled tire rubber and plastics.

Another new flooring option, Featherlite’s Firm-mat, completely seals the trailer’s floor and provides a padded, slip resistant surface that is impervious to liquids and eliminates the need for rubber mats. It’s also easy to clean and quieter for livestock when loading. A textured industrial liner designed for livestock or a 1/2” thick textured option, popular in horse trailers, is available.

Featherlite Trailers announces partnership, trailer design collaboration with horse trainer Lynn Palm

CRESCO, Iowa (June 24, 2010) – Featherlite Trailers, a leading horse trailer manufacturer, is pleased to announce its sponsorship of Lynn Palm and Palm Partnership Training. Through this partnership, Featherlite Trailers is collaborating with Palm in the development of a horse trailer designed to be both horse friendly and female horse owner friendly.

This year marks Palm’s 40th year as a horse trainer, competitor and clinician. “Featherlite is excited to have the opportunity to team up with one of the most respected and sought-after horse clinicians,” Featherlite National Sales Manager Randy Lewis said. “Lynn Palm’s methods of connecting the horse to its rider have had an impressive impact on horse owners for many years. In addition, Lynn also has a stellar list of accomplishments as a competitor.”

New Featherlite Model 3112 performs multiple hauling tasks

CRESCO, Iowa (May 17, 2010) – Featherlite’s trailers perform many tasks from hauling cars to skid loaders to landscaping equipment and more, and Featherlite’s newest trailer, open car hauler Model 3112, is a master of all. This new 3112 “multi-tasker” is a gooseneck version of Featherlite’s popular Model 3110 bumper pull trailer and is suited for use by car enthusiasts, contractors, landscapers and farmers or for everyday hauling.

Available in 20, 24, 26 and 30-feet lengths and measuring 8 feet 6 inches wide, Model 3112 features two 7-feet long ramps that store underneath the trailer. Model 3112 is equipped with stainless steel swivel “D” tie downs for easily securing cargo, removable fenders with stainless steel fender latches and a skid resistant, durable aluminum extruded floor. The rear of the trailer features sleek and highly visible LED lights. Model 3112 is comparable to many flatbed trailers but offers a lower loading height. With its gooseneck configuration, the Model 3112 is available in longer lengths in comparison to Featherlite’s bumper pull Model 3110.

Optional features for the 3112 include the skid loader package, full width fold-up rear ramp, aluminum tool box, winch with remote control and recessed tire storage. The 24’ Model 3112 is also available with Featherlite’s power lift tilt package that easily raises and lowers the trailer by an electric lift.

“Featherlite’s new Model 3112 is designed to be extremely versatile, easy-to-tow and full of great features and options,” Featherlite National Sales Manager Randy Lewis said. “Plus, Featherlite’s aluminum trailer construction gives owners unmatched durability and performance that can last for many years of hauling.”

For more information on Featherlite’s new Model 3112, call Featherlite Trailers at 800-800-1230, visit your local dealer or go to www.fthr.com/tnews.

Featherlite Trailers named #1 livestock trailer manufacturer

CRESCO, Iowa (March 11, 2010) – Featherlite Trailers was recognized as the number one manufacturer of livestock trailers in 2009. Featherlite was presented the award, which is determined by data from Statistical Surveys, Inc., on March 4, 2010, in Reno, Nev., during the National Association of Trailer Manufacturers’ (NATM) Convention and Trade Show.

Statistical Surveys is a premier provider of market intelligence to the trailer, marine, manufactured housing and RV industries. They specialize in the ongoing gathering of new retail registration data in these industries and have created the world’s largest number of market share data reports. Featherlite’s award was determined based on retail registration of livestock trailers in 2009.

“We are grateful for Statistical Surveys’ recognition of Featherlite’s leadership in the livestock trailer market,” Eric Clement, Featherlite Vice President of Sales & General Manager, said. “Farmers, ranchers and ag business owners purchase Featherlites more than any other trailer brand. We appreciate the trust they have in us and look forward to offering trailers that are of superior durability and reliability and that enhance their farming operations.”

This is the third consecutive year Featherlite has received this award. Featherlite is the nation’s oldest aluminum specialty trailer brand, having built its first aluminum livestock trailer in 1973. In addition to livestock trailers, Featherlite manufactures horse trailers, car trailers, utility trailers, ATV trailers, racecar transporters and other specialty trailers.

Featherlite recently unveiled its 2011 product line, including its new Lazer stock trailer, which features a new design for the trailer’s air spacing. Other new options for Featherlite stock trailers are an anti-skid option on the trailer’s rear floor, an airflow system and treadplate on the gooseneck nose, among others.

Featherlite livestock trailers, which include gooseneck trailers, bumper pull trailers, low profile trailer, combo trailers, show trailers and semi livestock trailers, are sold through Featherlite’s dealer network of 180 across the U.S. and Canada.

New Featherlite stock trailer options provide style and safety

When Featherlite Trailers planned its 2010 stock trailer options, its main goal was to stack great looks on top of superior durability. “We wanted to outdo ourselves,” Randy Lewis, Featherlite’s national sales manager, said.

To that end, Featherlite has released options that really make its stock trailers exceptional. Customers now have four new colors from which to select: green, yellow, orange and brandywine. Corrosion-resistant aluminum wheels are another option that add an extra dash of style.

Featherlite’s options aren’t just about flash and style. The new “Step Safe” rear gate option is designed to be safer for your livestock, and their owners too. “Step Safe” center gates, previously introduced in Featherlite’s 2009 models, are already effective in preventing livestock slippage, and the new rear gate option makes loading and unloading livestock even safer.

For more information about the new stock trailer options, visit Featherlite online at www.fthr.com/tnews or call 800-800-1230.

Featherlite Announces Aggressive Product Launch Despite Tough Market

Featherlite® Trailers’ 2010 offerings suggest this is a company as tough as its products. Instead of adopting a “stay the course” attitude for 2009, Featherlite has unveiled new trailers, new options and bold new customer benefits. “At Featherlite, we think the proper response to an underperforming economy is to over-perform,” Randy Lewis, Featherlite’s national sales manager, said. “We wanted to outdo ourselves with both product innovation and customer benefit.”


Featherlite Trailers’ 2011 product line puts customers ahead of the curve

Featherlite Trailers’ 2011 product line showcases the continuous improvement that keeps Featherlite—and its customers—ahead of the curve.

“Every year we introduce new innovations and improve on our existing features,” Randy Lewis, Featherlite’s National Sales Manager, said. “We don’t just want to be at the front of the pack—we want our customers to be ahead of the curve.”

Over 35 new models and enhancements, unveiled at Featherlite’s International Dealer Meeting, are now available for order through Featherlite’s dealers. They range from refinements of existing features to innovative multi-purpose new models.

Livestock trailers: increased convenience, comfort and safety

Featherlite’s 2011 product line offers trailers specifically designed for its core markets. Farmers and ranchers are sure to notice Featherlite’s new “Lazer” stock trailer with its distinctive rounded air spaces. In addition to being aesthetically pleasing, the “Lazer” also features a smooth, flush interior that is easy to clean.

Livestock owners are also sure to notice the new options and features available on Featherlite stock trailers, especially while transporting animals. An improved airflow system option ensures livestock receive enough air and helps regulate temperature. While loading and unloading, the new anti-skid option helps prevent animals slipping. A more streamlined pin option helps secure the center gate slam latches during travel.

Featherlite has also made its Model 8107 stock trailer even more convenient with a removable wall option. This provides a dressing room area when the trailer hauls horses, yet it still allows trailer owners use of the entire trailer when transporting livestock.

Stock owners looking for show trailer options have some eye-catching features to look forward to. The Model 8191 hog/sheep topper now has polished wave panels as an option. In addition, gooseneck stock trailers can have their noses covered in treadplate for a unique look.

Lite prices, enhanced options and features on horse trailers

Horse trailers have also received significant improvements in Featherlite’s 2011 product line. “We are keeping horse trailer owners ahead of the curve by giving them more for their money,” Lewis said.

Featherlite has also put a lot of effort into the new horse trailer features and options. “We think they are sure to excite horse owners as much as the new models will,” Lewis said.

Horse trailer Models 8541 and 8581 now come standard with .040 white aluminum lining. This brightens the horse area, calming horses, and gives the interior a more finished look.

“Many of the new features and options we introduced are designed to make the horses’ journey calmer and more comfortable,” Lewis said. Larger windows behind the horses are now standard on slant load models, increasing the light and airflow in the trailer. New nylon bushings on horse dividers reduce vibration for a quieter ride. And the new stall divider options increase airflow and look sleeker in the bargain.

The Model 9407 horse trailer has been redesigned to feature a new “lite” price. It is similar to the Model 9409 horse trailer, but the 9407 offers horse owners a straight load bumper pull instead of a slant load. A removable center post and pipe hardware gives trailer owners greater versatility in cargo loading and towing.

One of the new Featherlite horse trailer models gives customers a standard horse trailer without a dressing room. The Model 8527 features an open space between the horse area and the gooseneck. It also comes with a standard rear ramp, a removable bottom half divider on the first stall and a telescoping rear divider.

Some options are aimed at making horse owners lives easier. A new optional saddle rack made of aluminum piping stays more securely in place during heavy travel and usage. Additional dressing room sizes and living quarters make relaxing at the end of a long day easier.

Trailers for caterers, event planners, outdoor lovers

Some jobs require a special trailer, like the new custom cooler package for the Model 1610. This enclosed trailer has a 1.5 ton split refrigeration system with insulated walls and doors to help maintain the temperature. A 4’ cold weather fluorescent light fixture makes locating frozen cargo easy. This trailer is ideal for anyone needing to haul perishables, including meats or other groceries. According to Lewis, This package is “sure to be a favorite with event planners and caterers.”

Featherlite has also released two new recreation/utility trailer sizes.  The Model 1611 is available in a more compact 7’ width. The Model 1609 “Mod Pod” trailer is another trailer with a new configuration. The 5’ height and 10’ length offers storage and hauling that is both secure and convenient.

“This trailer is great for campers, hunters and cyclists,” Lewis said, “but it is ideal for everyday hauling, too.”

New options for recreation/utility trailers include a side ramp on the Model 1693 for more versatile loading and unloading. Open utility trailers now also feature a new spring loaded pin for ramps that is easier to use and more secure. Snowmobiles, ATVs, motorcycles and even riding lawnmowers can be loaded and unloaded with less hassle and less worry.

Multitasking workhorses

The new Model 1520 dump trailer is one of Featherlite’s new multi-task trailers. This versatile utility trailer is sure to prove its worth to landscapers, contractors and even farmers. Its 24” deep box can haul anything from gravel to metal scraps to wood chips. For easy unloading, the box raises and lowers on a hydraulic cylinder. The dual action rear gate can be lowered for more cargo space or unhitched at the bottom for easier dumping.

Another trailer designed to be a multi-purpose machine is the new Model 3112 open gooseneck car hauler. With a lower loading height and a lighter price than other comparable flatbeds, this trailer can haul a skid loader or a 1967 Alfa Romeo with equal ease. The 3112 comes standard with a skid resistant durable aluminum floor. It can be outfitted with many of the same options as the Model 3110 car hauler, including the popular power lift package.

All 2011 models are available for order at any one of Featherlite’s 180 dealerships. For more information about all of Featherlite’s 2011 products and features, visit Featherlite online at www.fthr.com/tnews or call 1-800-800-1230.

Universal Trailer Corporation President and CEO Tom Frey announced that Corporate Partners II [CP] had invested $45 million in newly issued equity of Universal Trailer Corporation [UTC], thereby becoming UTC’s largest shareholderUTC is the largest specialty trailer manufacturer in North America. The Company manufactures a wide selection of trailer and motorcoach products. Its brands are Haulmark, Haulmark Motorcoach, Featherlite, Exiss, Sooner and Miley. Interview with Paul Zepf, a Managing Principal of CP.

You know the people you’ve admired and thought of as being on top of their game. They can spot value over marketing and they are the ones who have brick homes, so they don’t have to paint and have better resale. These are the same people who buy Featherlite trailers for the same reasons. I spend much of my time looking for truck stories and news. I travel to horse sales, RV parks, car races, etc. I want to see what’s popular, who’s happy with their truck and trailers and why. Everywhere I go the biggest common denominator is Featherlite trailers. To see Featherlite’s home page click.

The trailer business is very competitive. You basically see 5 truck brands, but you can see 160+ brands of trailers or more. When I was selling trucks every day, I would tell people to look at the trucks that are 5 years old and see how they hold up. Check out the fit of the doors, tailgates and of course the drive trains. It’s the same thing with trailers, find and older ones and see how they hold up. Look at the floors, doors, axles and hitches. Now you know which one you want new or used. And Featherlite as an advantage here, you can get a really used one of a few decades old if you want! You know I would worry if I had to buy a 10 year old truck to use hard everyday and depended on it for a living. But I would buy a 20 year old Featherlite with confidence! To Find your next trailer, Click.


To get the rest of the story about the best trailer for you, click away.

Featherlite introduces versatile new combination trailer

CRESCO, Iowa (October 31, 2007) – With its versatility, Featherlite’s new Model 8409 combination trailer is a great option for horse owners, livestock owners and hobby farmers. A bumper pull, Model 8409 is available in 16-foot and 20-foot lengths and is designed for hauling both cattle and horses.

It features a full swing rear door with lockable slider, 4-foot dressing room and a skid resistant aluminum floor. It’s available with an optional slant wall, air spacing and tack package, among many other options. Like all Featherlite livestock and horse trailers, the Model 8409 comes with Featherlite’s sleek new “Wave’ side panels.

For more information on Featherlite Model 8409, call Featherlite at 800-800-1230, visit your local dealer or go to the web atwww.fthr.com/tnews.

Featherlite unveils striking enhancements to its horse trailers and living quarters

Introduction includes new Featherlite/Sierra Interiors Collection & ‘wave’ side panels

CRESCO, Iowa – Transforming its entire horse trailer product line, Featherlite is excited to announce the beginning of a new partnership with Sierra Custom Interiors and to introduce its new ‘wave’ side panels on horse trailers. With the new partnership, Sierra will produce Featherlite’s entire line of standard and standard with options living quarters, while the new side panels notably alter the exterior look of the Featherlite horse trailer.

“This is the largest product development announcement ever at Featherlite,” Randy Lewis, Featherlite national sales manager, said. “The new exterior of the Featherlite gives a fresh, sleek appearance to the already distinctive, premium look of Featherlite. Mix the new side panels and other innovations with the new Featherlite/Sierra Interiors Collection, and we feel we’ve given horse owners every reason to choose Featherlite.”

‘Wave’ Featherlites

The new models are being called the ‘wave’ Featherlites because of the sleek undulating design of the new side panels now standard on all Featherlite horse trailers with aluminum side panels. The new sides are modeled after the panels on the Featherlite Medalist Series introduced last year. “The new sides create a striking and even more eye-catching Featherlite horse trailer,” Lewis said. “No matter where it goes this new Featherlite will turn heads.”

Featherlite/Sierra Interiors Collection

The new Featherlite/Sierra Interiors Collection is the result of a new partnership between Featherlite and Sierra Custom Interiors. Sierra, of Elkhart, Indiana, will produce Featherlite’s entire line of standard and standard with options living quarters trailers.

“The Featherlite/Sierra Interiors offer our customers unbelievable décor selections, including thousands of options and many new standard features,” Lewis said. “Plus, they’ll benefit from the remarkable craftsmanship that comes with each Sierra interior.” The Featherlite/Sierra Interiors Collection will feature an array of eight décor packages or customers can choose from options for a more customized interior.

In other product news, all Featherlite trailers are now equipped with sharper looking L.E.D. lights that enhance visibility when traveling down the road. Plus, two additional stop/turn L.E.D. lights are now standard on horse trailers.

Featherlite unveils Medalist Series with advanced styling and inventive features.

Featherlite Medalist available on over 85 horse trailer models. Inspired by horse owners who yearn for a horse trailer built ‘their way’, Featherlite, Inc., the nation’s oldest specialty aluminum trailer brand, has unveiled its Featherlite Medalist Series.

Featherlite’s new generation of aluminum horse trailers offer a unique blend of advanced styling and inventive features customized to the specific needs of horse owners and their horses. More..

I took some pictures of the new Medalist at the All American Quarter Horse Congress in Ohio. The corner tail lights, inside LED strip lighting, safety guard stall lining, aluminum wheels, polished cast corner caps and so much more to enjoy on this new model.

New Featherlite living quarters model expands trailer choices for horse owners in more ways than one

CRESCO, IA – Whether horse owners need a place to relax during a day-long horse show or are traveling for weeks at a time with their horses, Featherlite offers them many horse trailer choices, including the exciting new Model 8562.

Featherlite horse trailer Model 8562 includes a well-appointed 12’ living quarters with a slideout that creates a lot more living space. In the slideout is a dinette, but customers have the option of a goucho sofa instead. The smooth flowing design of the living quarters includes a kitchenette with a cooktop stove, microwave, sink and refrigerator. The trailer also includes a restroom with a neo-angled shower and a bed in the gooseneck.

Model 8562 is available in a 3 and 4-horse version. It also includes Light Flo drop down feed doors, 3/4” deep cushion floor mats, a low maintenance enclosed wiring harness and noise-reducing rubber coated tie rings. The 8562 comes with aluminum corrugations and is also available with smooth skin (Model 9662) or stainless steel corrugations (Model 9962).

Featherlite unveils new ‘super durable’ 2007 SURVs designed for avid outdoor enthusiasts

CRESCO, Iowa (July 17, 2006) – Outdoor activities – from riding ATVs, motorcycles and dirt bikes to maneuvering dune buggies to hunting and fishing – continue to grow in popularity. With that growing popularity are people’s desires to travel to their recreational activities for days at a time and still feel at home. Featherlite’s Sport Utility Recreational Vehicles (SURV), including its new 2007 models, features and options, continue to offer that luxury to outdoor enthusiasts.  More… Read MrTruck’s Featherlite SURV review visiting campsites and trying accessories.

Press releases, there is always more news to share at Featherlite

Here is a review of the Featherlite Model 8541 four-horse gooseneck by Dave Mattern of HorseTrailerWorld.com

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