Haul Gauge on board truck scale

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Haul Gauge on board truck scale keeps your truck and trailer at safe weights.

Haul Gauge on board truck scale

Haul Gauge on board truck scale with smartphone display

Haul Gauge on board truck scale

Haul Gauge with dial display

I tried Haul Gauge and thought it was incredible technology to weigh your trailer with your trucks computer and transmission. Haul Gauge plugs into your trucks OBDII port and measures movements and displayed trailer weights on your phone. Now they’re gone further with more info on your phone app.  While you drive, see your trailer weight, tongue weight, payload and weight distribution. This will be a big step towards trailer safety. Most folks don’t know what their trailer weighs, what their tongue weight is and so on. Piece of mind knowing your trailer weights each time you drive.  HaulGauge.com 









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