Reviewing trucks in heaven

It’s weird being here during the end of the world. Went to my sisters funeral in Oklahoma last week, her 4th cancer got her. This week Denver and Boulder are shut down because of the virus. Trying to decide if I can afford to stay home and wait it out. Or just how much can I do at home with webcast and podcast. I have a laptop camera ordered from China. Might get it when the virus is done with us. I’m wearing rubber gloves when I go to town, change them three times. Can’t wash my hands with each door knob I use or each time I use a credit card. Just try to buy hand sanitizer. I guess I should stop complaining, my grandkids are healthy.

Oh well a year from now we’ll all be barbecuing. Gas will be $1 a gallon. I’ll be reviewing the new electric trucks, churches will be packed and all businesses will be closed on Sunday. I’ll be eating out every day and smoking cigars, no I quit the cigars, I don’t want to cough for the wrong reason. That’s the good thing about coming close to death. It improves your character. What I’m going to do with the 80 cases of toilet paper and 4 pallets of water bottles? I’ll donate them to a church. I’ll also donate more to food banks. I’m finding out that most folks are good people. I wasn’t sure for awhile.

I do want to be the journalist that interviews God. I think He drives a truck, a lifted diesel.  Maybe I can do a podcast with Him. I’m still getting new trucks every week to review. Next month we’ll review the new Weigh-Safe WDH scale hitch. They’re known for having the scale built into the hitch. Now they have added a weight distributing hitch so you can do it all and even adjust the tongue weight with it. Testing it this week in the bunker. Next month things will be better. Grass will be green, it will be in the 70’s and I have 3 more months to do taxes. Life is good, wait until you see me in a tank top and shorts. Might even get my first tattoo at 62.  I always thought, the world would end with a nuke or zombies. Can’t be the end of the world, it will be much quicker than this. It’s just a warning.



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