Altor-ICON-trailer lock

We finally found the best trailer coupler lock for bumper pull conventional trailers. We review, test and install my favorite trailer lock. If you’re looking for the best trailer coupler lock in the market, look no further than Altor ICON! Altor ICON is the perfect lock for securing your trailer and equipment, and it’s also very easy to use. Watch our test, review and install. Just look at the ICON lock, it’s intimidating by the size and shape. ICON Lock is like no other conventional trailer coupler lock. Protects against the new type of trailer thieves’ that has cordless power tools. ICON is designed to stop thief’s from steeling your trailer and the tools and equipment you have on it. Today’s trailer thieves don’t use crowbars and sledgehammers. Most trailers that get stole have no locks or have cheap locks. Think about what it cost to replace your trailer and the contents, police reports and arguing the insurance companies. We’ve tested the ICON lock with drills, reciprocating saws, angle grinders and the factory tested with pry bars and sledgehammers, just in case the thieves are old school. See factory website ALTOR ICON TRAILER LOCKS  Also the YouTube lawyer couldn’t find a pick that would work on the ICON. Lock Pickup Lawyer had to build a custom pick check out how well ICON trailer lock did tested by Lock Picking Lawyer

The keys are special too and you get 4 keys. An option, you can order several locks keyed a like for multiple trailers. And then there’s weather, this lock has O-rings, stainless still sleave and locks, E-coat and powder coat with a lifetime warranty. Made of premium steel. ICON models cover over 30 trailer couplers for over 95% of the available couplers. So, it’s not a jigsaw that you put together differently for each trailer, ICON is one piece design and will fit these couplers and attach in seconds. Nothing to put together. The different look creates problems for thieves’, making any kind of drilling, grinding or sawing with power tools, hours and many battery changes. Steel shell protects the lock with no direct access to the lock. It’s very difficult to drill out the stainless-steel keyhole and sleeve. 

At 2023 NATDA convention I found the best conventional trailer lock from Altor, the Icon, that MrTruck has seen in 22 years of looking for one. It’s beefy, designed to stop power tools like drills, Sawzall, grinders etc. Stops thieves’ from taking away your trailer with all it’s tools, saddles, ATV’s and supplies. Having a trailer stolen is bad, but think of all the cargo you have to re-buy and the time you loose restocking your trailer. Avoid explaining to your spouse or boss that you should have bought an Icon trailer lock. We have an Altor ICON lock for our test/review and do our own tests and long term review.  ALTOR ICON TRAILER LOCKS  check out how well ICON trailer lock did tested by Lock Picking Lawyer



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