Trailgate protects trailer jack, trailer theft and trucks tailgate.


Christmas Special: 20% off through Christmas Eve and free shipping. 

New product:  Trailgate,  the economical way to protect your trailer jack and your trucks tailgate. Ever since the truck tailgate wars began with all the Big 3 automakers, each one comes out with tailgates that unfold into steps or slide out into steps from tailgates or open different directions. Tailgates have quadrupled in price. It was always a problem with a trailer. Open a tailgate and hit the trailer jack even with a normal tailgate. Trailgate is your answer. Trailgate, saves your truck tailgate, protects for trailer jack, stops thief’s and dealing with insurance and police reports. Then finding a buying a new trailer and all the tools that got stole with the trailer. Most trailer jacks are exposed to the elements, with rain dripping down the jack shaft, rusting the inside of your jack. Giving you an deteriorated ugly trailer jack that some day will be too rusty to work. Trailgate will protect you trucks tailgate from landing on your jack for thousands of dollars and time in damage. Trailgate will detour trailer thieves and all the cost and grief that will cause, replacing tools, saddles, ATV’s and finding another trailer. ph. 517-302-2390 email: [email protected] 

Truck installs Trailgate video

MrTruck review from NATDA convention in Nashville video

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