Ram 2021 TRX Super Truck Review

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Ram 2021 TRX Super Truck Review

By Kelsey Heil

This Ram TRX was one of the fastest and most powerful trucks I have ever been in. Sitting in it was pure luxury (as I would expect for 100k+). Having a 702 horsepower, 650lb-ft torque supercharged engine straight from the factory is AWESOME! During my time in this TRX I couldn’t find anything I didn’t like (besides the fuel mileage). The normal dial shifter, as found in most 1500’s and Rebels, was replaced with a console mounted shifter and steering wheel paddles. You can shift it yourself on the gearshift, using wheel paddles, or let the 8speed automatic transmission do its thing. Have fun with any shifting options in that Launch mode (bottom right of the steering wheel or in the 12” screen launch mode). With all that engine power and great transmission underneath I’ve got to give kudos on the larger breaks that this truck is fit with. All the power and ability to stop! The TRX is 8 inches wider than standard Ram 1500 trucks and fit with additional marker lighting to make it seen. So many times we see a fake hood scoop, but this is not the case with the TRX. This functional scoop and grill intake feed that supercharger! Sitting inside the cab is pure luxury with all of the modern amenities and additional comforts. With all of the features on this truck it is a Monster, I can see why it costs a pretty penny. I would recommend this truck to anyone looking for the power and fun that will come with it!

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