Stable Boy Module Horse Stall for your Toy Hauler RV

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  New from Equine Equipped LLC; Stable Boy Aluminum Modular Horse Stall System, converts your Ultimate RV toy hauler garage into a horse hauler. for Stable Boy 810-388-9181


_DSC1699When toy haulers first appeared, I knew they would be big. You can haul ATV’s, motorcycles, snowmobiles and golf carts. Toy haulers also make it easier to ship your stuff to trade shows. RV’s have less trouble with police and the questions of being commercial or civilian. So why not use a RV toy hauler to haul horses, the first off road transportation?  You’ll see folks using expensive horse trailer Living Quarters or towing a horse trailer with one truck and a travel trailer with a second truck or SUV.

Horse trailer LQ’s are nice but they are small. You have to climb into the neck where the bed room is, crawl around to make the bed and get dressed lying down on the bed. Then you have a small kitchen, bathroom and folks have to take turns walking inside.

stableboystallNow imagine a 5th wheel RV, with slide outs on both sides and a slide out in the bedroom. You walk up upright to the bedroom, stand around the bed, open the closet and dresser drawers and you’re still standing up. Walk down to the living room to a large kitchen, a ceiling high enough for basket ball and ceiling fans. Table and chairs, cabinets, room for the whole family and storage space. A larger bathroom with a tub makes it more like home. RV’s also have 4 corner leveling jacks to level the RV out on uneven ground and keep the trailer from rocking.

Since it’s a 5th wheel RV trailer, it’s like your truck a “body on frame” more clearance under the trailer than a horse trailer, less likely to rub off the black and gray tanks, Toy haulers are built heavy duty made for rear cargo, with reinforced floors and rear garage door opening.

RV’s are insulated to be cooler in summer and hold heat in winter, quieter than most horse trailers. Rear ramp is built in to the toy hauler to be stronger and seal better.

I hear stories from across the country about being told to get a Commercial Drivers License to tow horse trailers even just for trail riding. Drivers license requirements are totally confusing from state to state. You know horse trailers are a target for law enforcement and RV’s are ignored. Towing a RV doesn’t require a CDL.

sbgolfStable Boy modular aluminum stall kit comes with a floor covering, wall protection, ventilation and the rear floor has a ramp to convert to loading ATV’s or golf carts. Now the Stable Boy comes in a 2 horse straight load configuration that converts to haul golf carts and ATV’s. Three horse stall is an option coming later.

Have your hay inside at floor level, easy to reach, staying dry and less likely to be stolen. The stalls just like in a good horse trailer have a breast bar, butt bar, padded stalls, manger, pole pad and head dividers. The saddle racks lift out and are on the back side of the escape doors under the mangers.

Stable Boy will make the “Ultimate Toy Hauler” for everything fun. Like high school rodeo, trail riding, family vacations and retirement traveling the country. An RV trailer that can be used for all your fun, no need for a horse trailer, extra license plates, tires, insurance and maintenance.

sboutsideTieOn some Toy Hauler RV trailers, a power bed lifts up above the horse stalls. You can take the Stable Boy out in 20 minutes without tools if you want to use the garage for beds or an outside living room. In the hay or tack area next to the stalls, you could easily haul portable corrals to set up pens outside for your horses. As an option, the horse stalls can be moved outside to protect the trailer from the horses when tied outside to the trailer.

sbcartAfter the custom made aluminum framework is bolted in your toy hauler, removing the aluminum modular system only takes 20 minutes without tools or big muscles. The system comes with a storage cart to wheel it into your barn or garage. 1.5 inch aluminum tubing makes the system strong and safe for your horses. Extra ventilation for the side walls and ceiling keep condensation down and your horses comfortable.

SamexciteSome folks throw the lead rope over their horses back and walk behind the horse to the stall, some folks lead their horse in and go out through the escape door under the manger. Saddles can be loaded carrying them up the ramp or in from the side door.

Toy haulers are heavy duty trailers, but they do have leveling jacks if you think you want the ramp stabilized. We loaded horses into a toy hauler several times doing the video and I didn’t see the trailer or ramps move without using jacks.

_DSC1687Paumac Tubing LLC owns and manufactures Stable Boy for their company Equine Equipped. Paumac makes exhaust pipes and radiator tubes for OEM’s like Freightliner and body components for school buses. Along with making tractor parts and frames for ATV’s. Their factory was meticulous and efficient with large CNC bending machines, saws and welders.

To be certified for OEM’s, you have to run a tight ship and practice quality and structural integrity.  Paumac is ISO 9001: 2008 Certified. Talented welders TIG weld Stable Boy components together. At the Paumac factory, Stable Boy is assembled in a mock up toy hauler garage, assuring all the pieces fit and work as designed.

Stable Boy Aluminum Modular Horse Stall System is a great idea that’s finally available for your Ultimate Toy Hauler ! for Stable Boy 810-388-9181 See the video below for more details



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