Horse trailer trends and toy haulers

By MrTruck: Horse trailer trends and toy haulers

Times are changing, growing up with horses, thought everyone wanted a horse. Now with urban sprawl and changing zoning, it’s not always easy to enjoy horses at home. To stimulate the market, I think we need more John Wayne movies and maybe Roy Rogers and Dale Evans. The trend in the horse market is less horse trailers. To keep factories open, horse trailer manufacturers have gone to economical living quarters, show animal trailers and toy haulers. I’ve watched Cimarron horse trailers thrive with the new trends. They have excelled with show animal trailers for beef, pigs, sheep and llamas. Special sizes, unique gates and ventilation make them very usable. Transwest Truck Trailer RV has a both in the Hall of Education at the National Western Stock Show with economical living quarter horse trailer, show animal trailers and the new toy haulers. I interviewed CJ Altenburg with Transwest at their booth at the National Western. First trailer we looked at was a Cimarron Freedom toy hauler. It’s made to be comfortable while camping with your ATV’s, side by sides and snowmobiles.  Gradual rear ramp and dovetail covered in rubber for traction and easier to clean the mud and snow out with your toys. the floor has E-Track to tie down the ATV’s, side by sides and snowmobiles. Plenty of ventilation on the sides to get rid of gas fumes and low profile Max Air fans in the ceiling regulate air flow.  Lots of storage, shelfs, tables and helmet hooks. Heavy vinyl seats that fold into beds take the abuse of boots and mud when you rest from the trail. Beds in the living quarters and kitchen, made for a large crew. Generator built into the wall, for a clean low profile roof helps with fuel mileage and an air spoiler on the roof blows the dust off the ramp door and makes for a fast trailer.

Another trending trailer in the Transwest booth at NW, is the Cimarron economical comfort package stock trailer with a couch bed, heat strip, storage and affordable. Closet tack room is 1/2 the width of the trailer. Cimarron aluminum trailers are well made, beautiful and long lasting. A big difference between a Cimarron Toy Hauler and the usual RV Toy Hauler. Transwest also has Logan Coach trailers in their booth. I’ll be roaming around the National Western Stock Show, checking out what’s new and I’ll be chasing the grandkids around the petting zoo upstairs in the Hall of Education.

Horse trailer trends and toy haulers



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