2020 Heavy Duty Pickup Trucks

2020 Heavy Duty Pickup Trucks: By MrTruck

Do 2020 heavy duty pickup trucks, tow too much? With Ford announcing at the Texas State Fair it’s 2020 F450 rated to tow 37,000 pound trailers. Earlier Chevy announced 2020 HD 3500 towing 35,500 lb trailer and Ram 2019 HD 3500 towing 35,100 lb trailer. Chevy Silverado, cleared it up best by saying all their 2020 3500 dually’s can tow over 30,000 lbs. Compare that to just last years 2019 Silverado HD 3500 towing 23,000 lbs. So who monitors trailers with over 30,000 lb capacity? The trucks have the same tires as last year. Over 30,000 lb trailers are required to have 3 in couplers to match the trucks towing over 30,001 lbs are required to use 3 in balls. But what about bigger brakes on trailers, ABS on trailers, maybe 3 axles on trailers. Even 5th wheel RV trailers can have a capacity over 30,000 lbs and no CDL in most states. I may have to move back to the plains and away from the mountain interstates. The good news is those trucks that are rated to tow the crazy numbers, are single cab 4×2 dual trucks. Not the most popular configuration.

Oh well, you can’t live forever. But I hope my grand-kids will. Now imagine the states with 80 mph interstates. Just how much room does it take to slow down a 40,000 lb pickup with trailer going down hill at 80 mph. We know that the diesel pickup truck power race is strong, 2020 Ford 6.7L diesel is now rated 1050 lb ft. of torque. I would rather they bragged about how big their brakes are and how fast the parachute deployed when the moose crossed the road. I guess we could start wearing Kevlar flak jackets in case the air bags fail or ejection seats. I better stop, big brother reads my articles.  We just need more runaway ramps. It is my job review the new trucks and it’s fun. I’ve been a test dummy for 20 years now, and I’ve not been in a serious accident. My wife would have an accident about every other year. But she drove cars. I don’t. I’m up higher in trucks, they have a frame and I have towed 35,500 lbs with a 2020 HD Silverado 3500. Many close calls over the years and I think growing up in the country improves your driving skills. Though my journalist friends from LA have faster reaction times.

Then there are the loaded luxury $90,000 pickups, don’t get me started. I couldn’t pay the taxes or the license plates. Soon you’ll be able to get a 2nd mortgage on your truck. And it’s the top of the line luxury trucks that are selling more every year. Some of that relates to self employed income taxes and deductibles. That’s why I bought a new truck a year ago. But not for $90,000, not even 1/2 that. I’m old enough now, that I can say “it’s my last truck” like I heard from many relatives in their later years. But wait I want a truck that has a dragster parachute to slow me down when I hit the runaway ramp doing 80 mph with a 40,000 lb trailer as I yell “Geronimo.” Print off this picture, tape it to your wall and write on it “don’t text while towing a trailer.”


2020 Heavy Duty Pickup Trucks: By MrTruck

2020 Heavy Duty Pickup Trucks: By MrTruck

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