Pickup Truck and Trailer Accessory Reviews

Pickup Truck and Trailer Accessory Reviews

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Trailer Hitches That Work Harder: New technology in truck receiver hitches has come a long way from adjustable height aluminum stingers. This year I’ve found 2 remarkable hitches, the first one from Utah is Weigh-Safe. This beautiful aluminum adjustable, locking receiver hitch has a built in scale. Intelli-Hitch is a steel adjustable receiver hitch that has an proportional electronic surge built in that senses trailer movement and applies the trailer brakes automatically. More… Pickup truck and trailer accessory reviews.

The airless bag to prevent your sag and improve your ride! For trucks with campers, trailers, commercial bodies and all other loads..

SumoSprings (the world’s first and only “airless airbag” suspension system for trucks and vans) are manufactured from an advanced high grade, closed cell polyurethane foam; ideal for the tough truck underbody environment. The product underwent testing in extreme conditions ranging from blistering US desert summer days to the frigid Canadian winter nights. Combining heavy loads with extreme terrain and… More…

 Odyssey battery review______________________
Truck Batteries Do More Than Start Your Engine, With Power Everything From Power Seat to Integrated Trailer Brake Controllers, Constant Voltage is Required; Odyssey Battery Review My electronic needs maybe a little higher than average, but my experience tells me I need a deep cycle battery that won’t corrode and high cranking power for the cold Colorado winters. Normal battery maintenance is messy with cleaning corrosion from the terminals and cables. Odyssey is a AGM battery (absorbed glass mat). Read the review….
Rollin’ Rollin’ Rollin’ … Keep that Trailer Rolling…’By Stephen Louie “Hosspuller” One of the worst things to happen with a horse trailer is a mechanical break down on the road.  If you have never been there, thank your lucky stars.  There are… reasons  Read it now….
Battery Maintenance and Pulse Technology Conditioning with Solar can Double your Battery Life. Batteries keep us rolling and give us conveniences in our trucks and trailers. But if you don’t maintain them, you’ll be stranded and surprised. I run a lot of toys from my eight 12 volt outlets in my truck, from my pop cooler to my motion detector in the trailer. Diesel trucks use two batteries for extra power to start a diesel engine. Living Quarter horse trailers usually have two deep cell batteries that can be drawn down and last a long time. With 4 batteries between your truck and trailer, proper maintenance is as important as checking our trucks oil level. SolarPulse Industrial Solar Charging System is a product that reenergizes the sulfates and charges your batteries with FREE sunshine, more…

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Hybrid Air/Torsion Axle with 8 inches of wheel travel, almost 3 inches of drop for lowering the trailer to load. It’s a soft ride that will keep your horses fresh when you arrive at your next event. The price will surprise you.  More…
Andersen No-Sway Anti-Bounce Weight Distribution Hitch: A new kind of quick attach WDH that makes towing Safer. A necessity for bumper pull trailers. Good WDH helps manage trailer weight, braking and sway. This new Andersen Anti-Sway Anti-Bounce weight distribution system can be unhooked in 2 minutes. No more squeaking, popping and bouncing weight distributing.  Rest of the review…

Snow Chains; On the farm decades ago, we didn’t have a 4×4 truck. On my dually, I would take the outside duals off and chain up the inside duals. This worked well especially with limited slip differential. Now at least in Colorado, 4×4 pickup trucks are the most popular. But on the mountain passes even on Interstates, chains are used often in the winter. Six and seven percent grades test how much traction it takes to move a truck uphill on hard packed snow and ice especially with a trailer. Chains and textile socks can help you turn that corner and have stopping ability when you can’t even stand up on the road.  More…

They are bold and sexy! I consider them the best built mudflaps I’ve found. The new model has a polished aluminum yoke, and heavy wall aluminum tubing. Still adjustable in, out and up, down. Which is so good for my truck reviews which range from a tall H2 to a Nissan Frontier. And I review new trailers too, any mudflaps can protect your trailers from mud, that’s a slow speed problem. But the damage comes from…. More…..

MrTruck’s Favorite Innovative Accessories: I’m not talking about license plate borders or chrome exhaust pipe tips. I have those too, but cool functional stuff that you don’t see everywhere. I found these accessories at SEMA convention (specialty equipment marketing association) in Vegas.  More…
Popup Industries RV3 5th-Wheel to Gooseneck Adapter Do you have too many hitches for all of your different trailers?  There’s bumper pull, gooseneck, fifth wheel, you name it there’s just too many combinations out there sometimes. Pop up industries helps out here by offering their fifth wheel to gooseneck adapters. This handy little product allows you to tow your fifth wheel camper using the gooseneck hitch you already have in the bed of your truck thus eliminating one hitch from your collection. Pop up industries has been around for years starting with their PopUp Gooseneck ball hitch and now with many hitch extensions for short bed trucks, More…
Cody Hitch Protect your Living Quarters gooseneck investment in your horse trailer. Cody Cushion from Cody Hitch has one air bag, and a double hinge. Up, down and front to back cushion. They will adapt to Cody Hitch, B&W and Popup truck bed hitches. With today’s Living Quarter horse trailers, you need protection for the fine cabinets and mirrors. Order now for $499
I visited PopUp’s head quarters in Chanute Kansas this spring. Kansas, like Iowa is know for making farm machinery. PopUp Industries is in the part of Kansas, where generations of welders understand quality metal working, like the Amish bring quality to RV manufacturing. What better place to make hitches for American trucks and trailers. I first heard of PopUp because of their SB1 shortbed coupler (picture below). With shortbed trucks, now the most popular configuration, I hear from folks every week emailing me that they just crunched the cab of their truck with the corner of their trailer. Now what do they do? More…
Now there’s help for the short-short beds. New from PopUp, the SB116. The long short bed solution. It’s “16” inches of extension. Before you loose your pickup trucks rear window or worse, check out the solution. Shortbed trucks are the most popular. But the trailer manufactures don’t know it yet. Finally backup with the tailgate down and without hitting the propane tanks. More…

Pickup Truck and Trailer Accessory Reviews:    CNG, is it the Answer for the Fuel Crisis? Update Dyno

Forget veggie oil, bio-diesel, power programmers and hydrogen water separators. And hear the gospel of CNG/diesel. The beauty of this system is if I can’t find a Compressed Natural Gas fill up station, I just run on diesel. We’ve now had time to run several tanks through our test truck in a loop using both CNG and diesel together at 2 to 1. We reduced our fuel cost per mile 23% to 27% with Colorado prices. Almost double that with Utah prices, Read the rest as one of the most important reviews this year…

If you pull a conventional trailer (bumper pull) want control instead of trauma, this Weight Distributing Hitch provides a level rig and sway control. Learn more about safety & why you don’t want your trailer giving orders to your truck or SUV. MrTruck uses it, recommends it & now you can buy it here, Click, see why you’ll want to solve your biggest trailer safety problem

Automated Safety Hitch, Joe Jamieson thinks towing is an evolutionary process, should improve issues of safety and ease of use. Now with thousands of miles towing with the Automated Safety Hitch, I understand it’s importance and fun. I can take my rig, which at times is 72 ft. long, weave in and out of hotel parking lots, gas stations and switchback mountain roads. Thebraking steer axle makes it quadra-steer.

It looks complicated until you understand it. The four features that standout the most using this new trailer technology is, improved braking, lane to lane direction changes staying in your lane (turning corners,) stability and jackknifing with purpose.  The connection to your vehicle can articulate vertically for uneven ground, railroad crossings providing an independent suspension. But horizontal movement is solid giving you the safety and stability of a 9 ft. longer wheelbase. The rest of the review…

Affordable Injectors    By Jake Morton

For many of us with 1994-1997 Ford Power Stroke Diesel’s, there is a limit to how much horsepower we can make. In 1999, Ford redesigned some things and power levels went up considerably, especially when adding aftermarket devices.  For a long time, all the early Power Stroke owners could do was a chip or programmer, exhaust, and an air intake. Anything else was just out of the question, price wise, for most hobbyists, daily drivers, and do-it-yourselfers. But now….. Read more..

Ode to the Tailgate, You don’t think much about your trucks tailgate, but try to do without one. On the farm, my tailgate was a workbench, sawhorse and picnic table. I had a vice bolted to it, in the eighties had a tailgate with built in ramps for loading a ATV. More…

DEBO Step®. (picture right) My old knees don’t like me climbing on my tailgate. I like Debo Step because it’s not in the receiver hitch like most…… For more,  www.debostep.com

Updates: I tried the Tattle-Trail TTK 550 wireless Portable Towing Monitor System with my 3 H gooseneck trailer. Using an accelerometer to detect movement, vibration or shock.  like the gyro in my camera to prevent shake and blurry images. In a previous life, the engineers at Tattle-Trail developed kidney dialysis instrumentation. These guys tow trailers and could see the problems their experience could solve with early detection of trailer tire tread separation, broken suspensions, wheel bearing problems, loose…More….
Sandhills Body Guard. Went 260 miles to the sandhills of Nebraska at Cow Country Sales and Service to get my deer deflector. Just 60 miles North of Ogallala, we attached the replacement bumper. My worry towing trailers across the country, is hitting a deer and night and loosing my radiator, intercooler, water pump etc. Then I’d be stuck waiting for parts. This rugged bumper even kills bugs. The report…

Torklift announces truck camper frame tie downs for the Titan.

Torklift Central Welding now has tie downs for the Nissan Titan Crew Cab and King Cabb. No drilling required, just bolt them to the truck frame for the most solid way to attach slide in campers to your Titan. Read more… Torklift makes frame tie downs for all truck makes & for HD trucks, and SuperHitch receiver extension.

Can you Keep your Trailer from Going South? It’s getting common, someone telling me their white stock trailer was stolen while parked at a sale barn or their new Living Quarters horse trailer was stole while at a fair grounds equine event. Desperate times increases the population of desperate criminals and trailers are an easy target. No system will totally prevent theft, but the devices that make stealing your trailer a long drawn out process, should discourage the bad guys, sending them to look for easier targets. Read more….
Ceramic Roofs: Imagine you’re a horse, it’s August, you’re in a metal trailer, it’s hot, you’re hot, sweaty and to top it all off your head is next to the hottest part of the trailer. It’s so hot the roof is popping as it expands from the heat, keeping you worried and on edge. The whole trailer radiates with heat like a pressure cooker. All you want to do is throw yourself to the floor and Colic. Of course your owner is in the truck with the AC on all the way, listening to a Taylor Swift CD and slurping on a Big Gulp. Now, think about the trailer being 20 to 30 degrees cooler, the roof isn’t popping like a loose tarp in a windstorm and there’s no condensation dripping on your nose. More…. 
Electricity, far from the City … And everyone else. By: Hosspuller Once upon a time, horse camping meant a canvas tent to keep from getting wet and a saddle for a pillow. Today, horse camping means a horse trailer rig with all the features of … home.   Electricity makes a person comfortable, at home and at camp. The opposite is also true; electricity can make a person dead, at home and at camp. This article is about your camping rig operating on 120 volt AC current and a Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter (GFCI or GFI).  Enjoy the Read….
On the road repair welding. The military has GOWELD and plasma cutters in many of their Humvees, tanks and armored personal carriers. GOWELD is very portable, the wire spool is in the handle. Just clamp the cables to your trucks batteries, run the hose to a tank of Argon gas or use coated wire and you’re ready to weld anywhere. More….
SuperSprings introduces overload stabilizing spring for Class C RV Ford E450. With the great rear overhang Class C motorhomes have, they need a little help. The SSA21 sets on top of the factory spring and self adjusts to improve handling and stabilize the load. For application click…

Truck and Trailer Security takes Action

Theft is such a personal event. We buy things enjoy them and someone takes them away. I stay at allot of motels around the country and am relieved when I leave in the morning and my trailers are still connected to my truck. Just added several more products to my trailers to make me less nervous in Vegas parking lots, the only place theft has visited me successfully. Read more.

B-52: Rack’em’s B-52 replacement locking jack. It’s for bumper trailers, is rated at 5000#’s.Lock’em: Next from Rack’em is a wheel lock. Lock’em RA-25 Magnum Wheel Lock. HitchSafe: Fits 2 inch receiver, HitchSafe, a weather proof drawer with a combination lock.Watchdog: A new theft target is your trucks tailgate. Replacing your tailgate is not cheap.

Air LIft AIr Bag Suspension Upgrades; Instant adjustability is the advantage. Being able to remotely stiffen the rear suspension under a load, does improve stability and eases control. Over-the-road semi-trucks have proved that air bags are reliable. Eighteen wheelers can have air bags on the tractor, trailer, cab and seats. Our 4 and 6 wheelers can use help with air, especially at maximum payload and trailer weight. What caught my attention with Air Lifts’ new wireless air bags remote control. I worry about leaking air lines and the usual culprit is the air lines going all the way to the front of the cab with the flexing between cab and bed and the lines going thru the fire wall into the gauge and control switch. Air Lifts eliminated those problems with a remote….. More….

Best Truck Steps, Save your Knees Unlike other steps, Best Truck Steps will work with or without a receiver hitch. They don’t have moveable parts to wear out or lubricate. So many steps I review use the receiver hitch frame or stick in the receiver hitch so you can’t us the receiver hitch for your trailer at the same time as a step. Different from Ford factory tailgate step, you can use the truck rail for the hand rail and sit on the tailgate or use your tailgate as a work bench like

HayRak.com, first modular hay & equipment transport solution. Cause you never have enough storage on your trailer, now a bolt together aluminum hay and cargo rack gives you the space you need for your horse, cargo and car trailers. Ever wonder where you can get a hayrack for your horse trailer? Not much out there, a rack from a trailer manufacture can be costly and very costly to ship a bulky welded rack. HayRak is the solution. More..

New Truck Repair Technology comes to Horse Trailers

If you follow my articles, you know how big a fan of new technology I am. At the new Transwest Truck Trailer RV facility, is an awesome machine called a Road Simulator. Looks kind of like a dyno, but does use rollers to test brakes rolling resistance and balance.  Transwest uses it to test all their new horse trailers so they are ready for your roads. It can find just a torn axle seal leaking on the brakes. It would surprise you how many “new axles” on new trailers are over greased, limiting your trailer brakes ability.  With the kind of traffic we pull trailers in, testing brakes becomes routine. And worn suspension maybe be causing your rig to ….More….

Featherlite SURV, a heavy duty trailer for your Toys. We camp at Tiger Run in Breckenridge and Circus Circus Koa in Vegas.  We installed Power Vision mirrors, Hell-Ya Hitch Helper, Valley Odyssey brake controller and Truck Bedz. Featherlite built an “off-road” toy hauler that’s made like a tank, so you can get to the prime remote locations for 4-wheeling or 2-wheeling or just a HQ for outdoor adventure. More…
QuickBite Coupler: You’ll love this coupler and want to replace what you have ! I did,  No more in and out of your truck to see how close you are to the trailer or if you’re centered and you know how much fun it is asking for help to back up.  You’ll hear the coupler snap when it’s latches. It self aligns your trailer ball, automatically latches and locks. It doesn’t get easier or faster. Comes with it’s own alignment rods that stick up over your tailgate to watch through your rear view mirror. Read  review…

Truck Accessories from the Factory or Aftermarket? We can’t resist accessorizing trucks to fit our needs as well as our personality. It’s common to spend another $3000 on accessories after we buy the truck. Trailer hitches, brake controllers, running boards, as well as performance mods to the engine and transmission, add up quickly. Top selling accessories are…. More….

Pickup Truck and Trailer Accessory Reviews

Forget the trailer key, we all have the same one. Your Living Quarters horse trailer wasn’t cheap and your tack and saddles were a big investment. Horse Guard gives you the protection of a luxury car. Door and window sensors alert you to a break-in through your two-way pager while you’re on your trail ride or at an event. You decide to turn on the siren or let it happen automatically. If someone tries to break-in to your trailer, inside and outside sirens and flashing lights More…

Smooth Talker If you live in a area with poor coverage, or travel through these areas often, you will want to try one of these 3 watt power boosters on your cell phone. This will make your cell phone more powerful than the old bag phones, plus I like getting the radio signal away ….. Read our review with contributing editor Rick Vorce
2005 Ford F350’s TowCommand trailer brake controller, Towing Featherlite, and reviewing TireStep. Plus Elk Herding at Estes Park. The first manufacture to offer a “built in” trailer brake controller, Ford introduced the TowCommand last fall in the 05 SD. I tried it at the Ford proving grounds. This is an update towing in the Rockies. Read…
2004 Infinity QX56 SUV & Hart aluminum horse trailers are both upper scale and make a good looking couple. The new 2004 QX56 is the first Infiniti model assembled in North America. Hart Medallion aluminum horse trailer reminds me of the beautiful sheet metal on Audi’s and Porsche. Also in this review are Tow-N-See extended mirrors Much more..
Reviewing Brenderup Horse Trailerand Trimax Trailer Coupler lockson Quadrasteer Tour Part 5. Brenderup from Northern Europe has sold for over twenty years in this country. Are they safe for American horses? It’s a long detailed review, don’t miss it, Read….
Hummer H2 proved to be a great trailer tower. Equalizer wdh made it a easy pulling a 34′ travel trailer from Nevada to Colorado in December threw mountain passes and snow storms. Read the story from Ultimate Hummers Magazine.
Diesels + more power need more air, oil and a torque converter upgrade, Read our ATS TripleLok Allison, PML  and aFe install article.

It started with tailgate parties, like the ones famous where I live in Denver at the Broncos Mile High football stadium. A clever way to pack it all up including the tables! It’s a “transformer for adults.” The Tailgate Cargo Box transforms from storage into two tables.  Read this..

Quadrasteer Tour Part 4 Reviewing Outfitter’s Caribou popup camper showing how far into the mountain forest I can get with this truly versatile combination. We tow boats and horse trailers, because we can. There is enough payload capacity left for the tongue weight of a boat or 2-horse trailer. Also Torklift’s camper tie down review. Read
Back into anything lately with your trailer? Rostra can help. Trailers are growing each year and campsites aren’t. Rostra, the leader in safety products has a back up sensor that will dial in how close the back of your trailer is to those soft trees. Reverse isn’t a bad word. Gotta read this
Low voltage is a common ailment that will make load levels higher for all of your vehicle’s accessories. Any electric motor will run hotter because of low voltage, low voltage produces less horsepower while making the motor pull the same load, causing overheating & premature failure. More…
Pot holes, gravel ruts and washboards constantly beat on your tires. The heavy duty tires on your trucks and trailers have a deep thick sidewall that takes the first impact from the road surface. These thick tires are dramatically harder to keep balanced than a car tire considering the weight they carry and abuse dished out. I know several folks who just gave up, More….
Gooseneck Easy Coupler; Do you know if your gooseneck coupler is latched?  Bulldog couplers are on the majority of gooseneck trailers for decades. We’ve all used them and cussed them when we have to pry the handle up to unlatch and teeter-totter our belt buckles on the truck bedrail to reach in and get them latched or at least hope we have them latched. Folks tell me about what they don’t like about their trailers and gooseneck couplers are a popular complaint. I hook and unhook my gooseneck every week, in the rain, in the snow and in the dripping heat.  More…
Cushion Glide Coupler (left picture)You’ve probably guessed I like technology that makes life easier. What else is science for? Here I review a couple products that are well made in America and make the trailer trip easier on your horses and easier to get on board the saddle especially for 2 broken knees like mine. E-Z UP LegSaver(right picture) Click for More…

Dodge Owners check this out! 90% of the time the reason your truck doesn’t steer well is the worn, loose track bar on your 4×4. A new expensive tracking bar won’t fix it permanently. Don’t spend hundreds of dollars replacing the wrong parts.

It’s rare to find an aftermarket product that is so needed and yet so unknown about. But that’s exactly what Luke’s Link Dodge 4×4 tracking bar permanent repair kit is!  read more…



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