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Cushion Glide Coupler and E-Z UP Stirrup Extender

New Popup coupler
on the Cushion Glide Coupler,
allows you to hook and unhook your trailer without climbing in the
bed. Just pull the remote cable to allow the coupler to slide over
the ball or to release the ball. It’s spring loaded, tapered to the
socket, for easy ball alignment and even has a grease zerk. says MrTruck.

Original review, new model
available now.
You’ve probably guessed I like
technology that makes life easier. What else is science for? Here I review a
couple products that are well made in America and make the trailer trip
easier on your horses and easier to get on board the saddle especially for 2
broken knees like mine.

Cushion Glide Coupler

When I review a new product, I like to use it on
other folks trucks and trailers. Not that I wouldn’t mind keeping all this
cool stuff, but I want more opinions from the real world. Kenny Brown
volunteered to help me evaluate this new Cushion Glide Coupler on his Exiss
20′ aluminum stock trailer. Installation of the new cushion coupler was a
snap, just loosen the two adjustable coupler tube wedge bolts and the old
coupler falls out, watch your toes. Slide the Cushion Glide Coupler up the
neck tube and retighten the two wedge (set) bolts and you are ready to go. I did
measure first were the old coupler was, so I have a place to start adjusting
the new cushion coupler. We used model CG4000 with a 4000# tongue weight

The one thing I was concerned about, is with the larger head on the coupler,
would there still be enough room to lower the front of the trailer with the
adjustable neck? I could see that raising the trailer would be no problem.
We drove the trailer with a couple of horses (2500#’s) loaded in the front
compartment, to give us an idea of where to adjust the coupler for a heavy
load. When I had the coupler adjusted to be level on the loaded trailer, we
still had 2 inches of adjustment left between the coupler top Timbren rubber
spring bracket and the gooseneck tube. And two inches is a lot, so I was
satisfied that Rehme Mfg. did their homework measuring goosenecks and

Hitch shows how much room we had left for adjustment, if we needed to drop the
front of the trailer. The Timbren rubber spring guide bolts come up when
your loaded. We were properly adjusted here, turning the coupler
clockwise for the bolts to have clearance with the safety chains and
neck gusset brace.


Kenny and I both drove the truck and trailer
with the old coupler, the new coupler empty and loaded with 2 horses
(approximately 2500#’s) in the front compartment and then split up with the
heaviest, 16 hand Quarter Horse in the rear compartment. I didn’t see a big
difference with the empty trailer before and after we added the Cushion
Glide Coupler. We crossed a railroad track and could see some movement in
the Timbren rubber springs. Loaded you could feel a difference in an
improved ride with Cushion Glide Coupler. We drove on pavement and dirt

The biggest difference I could see was in
slowing down, speeding up, starting and stopping. The Cushion Glide Coupler
took the shock out of the movement. Have an improved ride is nice but
reducing the jerk between the truck and trailer impressed me. I drive in
heavy traffic in Denver and try as you might to allow room between you and
other drivers and the gap just keeps filling in with those little cars. So
when your truck pitches forward in a panic stop, this coupler can help
cushion the jolt and rebound from the sudden stop.

It even matches the color of your gooseneck
and your spare tire! The bottom of the Cushion Glide Coupler is tapered
inward to allow easier ball hookup, even if you aren’t perfect at backing up
your trailer.
Now of course the ultimate test was Kenny Browns wife,
Sandy. She drove the truck and trailer at the end of our grueling test
drives while Kenny and I rested in the barn near the refrigerator. And
Sandy’s quote was “the hitch makes the truck and trailer ride better.” What
else can I say except that Kenny just got back from a 2000 mile trip from
Ft. Collins Colorado to Farmington and Clovis New Mexico and back, hauling a
couple of mares (approximately 2400#’s) using the CGC. This long term test
was successful, Kenny noticed less horse motion from the trailer verses
other similar trips. He also stated that his F250 felt more like the
stability you notice with a dually.

Happy horse, fun ride,
just getting annoyed by the goofy guy with the camera, probably the same
guy driving me in circles with his head out the window!


I met Bill Mullenbach (on the right above) at the National Western
Stock Show in Denver. I’ve seen his ads in magazines and thought the idea
made sense. His E-Z UP Stirrup Extender Company has a product that drops the
left stirrup 3″ for easier mounting and then snaps up in place. The slide
action on the E-Z UP is made by Ruger, the famous gun company. And to make
an even better product package, Mullenbach’s company merged with Thad Beal’s
company LegSaver Stirrup Swivel Company. The LegSaver Stirrup Swivel does
just that, allows your stirrup to swivel 360 degrees. So put them both
together for an easy mount with leg and knee comfort. Or you can buy the
products separate as just a swivel,  as a stirrup extender or grouped
together. Of course you know I go for all the bells and whistles so we’re
reviewing the combination as the top of the line model, E-Z UP LegSaver.

For the same reason I don’t like pushing a
clutch all day, I don’t like my knees pointing inward in the saddle and
rubbing on the twisted saddle fenders. Just like power seats and the new
power adjustable brake/gas pedals in your trucks, using technology to make
your hours in the saddle more enjoyable, should be natural. I ripped the
cartilage clear through in one knee in high school football and the other
one in volleyball (yes real men play volleyball). So as I get older, my
knees talk to me more. And you know twisted legs are connected to your sore
back. But it’s not just us athletes that have problems. Trail riders whom
spend all day in the saddle will feel the difference at the end of the day.
Come on baby boomers I’m not the only one with gray hair. And it’s not
always possible to get a shorter horse to make climbing into the saddle
easier. Even you young healthy folks will like the comfort.

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