FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS about Centramatic Wheel Balancers

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FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS about Centramatic Wheel Balancers;

FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS about Centramatic Wheel Balancers

1. How do they work?

using centrifugal force the free moving weights (durametal
and synthetic fluid) sealed in the balancer
automatically distributes to exactly where needed,
placing the assembly in equilibrium or perfect balance.
When a sprung assembly is out of balance, deflection is
caused via the springs or tire sidewalls. These free
moving weights sense this deflection and move opposite
the heavy points to balance the entire assembly, wheels,
tires, drums, hubs, even mud, snow or ice stuck to the

2. Should the tires/wheels be pre-balanced?
most cases pre-balancing is not required. If a vibration
still exits after installation, a computer balance of
the problem position can indicate a mis-mounted or
defective tire, a bent wheel or other “out of round”
condition, that balance alone cannot correct. Wheel
bearings should also be checked and defective parts

3. What about mis-mounted tires or improperly seated
problem can be found by inspecting the area where the
wheel and tire meet. A guide rib or circumference ring
is molded into the sidewall of the tire. Measure the
distance from the wheel to the guide rib (approx. ½ inch
depending on tire brand), at the top, bottom and both
sides, a variance in this distance indicates a mis-mount.
A mis-mounted tire will roll out of round. This leads to
erratic tire wear and vibration, regardless of how well
it is balanced. Reseating the bead properly corrects the

4. What is inside the rings?

balancing media consists of two parts. Part one is
durametal, a hardened lead alloy similar to lead shot
but 10 times harder. This is primary media, as a solid
cannot change shape or form under centrifugal force. It
remains exactly where needed under high speed. Part two,
the dampening fluid is proprietary synthetic oil,
designed to operate in the most extreme environments.
The rings are about 1/3 full of this fluid. Its function
is to lubricate, dampen vibration and help balance.
However, a liquid alone would merely flatten out under
centrifugal force at high speed and be forced back
around the ring to an undesirable position. That’s why
we use the benefits of both solid and a liquid.

5. Should the rear duals and trailers be balanced?

Absolutely, the largest investment in tire dollars are
on the rear. Typically, even when loaded, duals carry
less weight per tire and are prone to pounding. This
causes excessive heat buildup and excessive, erratic
tire wear. Centramatics help cool the duals and one pair
of balancers handles four tires, wheels, hubs, and
drums. Rear drums are a major cause of imbalance on dual

6. Can Centramatics
help tires that are already cupped?

Depending on the severity. Tires that are severely
cupped will receive marginal results. While tires that
are slightly cupped will true out. The balancers cannot
grow rubber back where it is gone nor will it make the
deeper tread wear faster. One or the other would have to
occur to be able to correct severe tire cupping.

7. How are they installed?

Simply remove the wheel, use the bolt holes as guides
and reinstall the wheel. Steer axle balancers mount
between the hub and wheel, while balancers for the duals
mount between the dual wheels.

8. At what speed do Centramatics start working?

models start working at 20-22 mph depending on wheel
diameter. This occurs long before vibration due to
imbalance, which is at speeds in excess of 35 mph.

9. How many ounces of imbalance can they correct and how
much balance media is used?

Balancer size                  Amount of media
Correction potential
16″-19.5″      fronts             10-16 oz.
8-12   oz.
16″-19.5″      duals             18-24  oz.
16-20 oz.
22.5″-24.5″  fronts             16-22  oz.
12-16 oz.
22.5″-24.5″  duals              30-32  oz.
22-26 oz.

Balancers vary in model and size, the above are close
approximates. Within each size are several models, each
with specific specs and performance.

10. How long do they last?

have balancers with 1,439,716 miles on them and still in
good working condition. That’s why we have a 5-year
unlimited mile warranty and offer unequaled service.

11. What about alignments?

Alignments control the direction and travel of the
tires. Vehicles must be aligned by creditable alignment
facilities to exacting specifications. Premature tire
wear and resulting vibration occurs if proper alignment
is not maintained. Worn, loose or missing suspension
components must be replaced. Centramatics balance the
assembly and cannot correct alignment issues. Many forms
of tire wear and poor handling result from mis-alignments.

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