SUMO Helper Springs Explained

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SUMO Helper Springs for Trailers

SUMO Helper Springs for Trailers

SUMO Helper Springs for Trailers: Self-Adjusting Torsion Stabilizers from SuperSprings: Trailers get ignored, tire dealers and brother-in-laws tell you, you don’t need to balance trailer tires, they are wrong. Trailer manufactures will tell you, you don’t need shock absorbers for trailers, they are wrong. But it’s not easy to add shock absorbers to trailer axles. Until now, I’ve used SuperSpring overloads on my trucks and SumoSprings on my truck. 5 years ago SuperSprings told me that had a great cushion for trailer springs but trailer SumoSprings only worked on trailers with the axle under the leaf springs. My toy hauler had the opposite with leaf springs under the axle. Five years later, low and behold SuperSprings came out with what I needed.


SumoSprings for RV’s,trucks, SUV’s, Vans, improved ride with closed cell polyurethane

SUMO Helper Springs Explained

With the axle under the leaf springs, not much room between the springs and the trailer frame and the holding tanks on my toy hauler RV.  SumoSprings are memory foam, closed micro-cellular urethane. A cushion to absorb the shock from the road and they help control the leaf springs similar to shock absorbers. This means a smoother ride, less damage to the trailer from the axle banging things and a trailer that has a controlled suspension. It only took an hour to install. Think about all the glued together particle board cabinets that goes in an RV. If you’ve ever seen an RV travel trailer in an accident, there’s not much left.  According to SuperSprings, the Sumo urethane cushion compresses 50% adding 500 lbs. capacity to each axle. Improving the ride of a toy hauler RV or any RV trailer saves money, less cracked cabinets, broken fresh water tank brackets or pulled apart trailer brake wires. That’s all happened to me.

SUMO Helper Springs for Trailers

SuperSprings for Trucks and Trailers

SuperSprings Truck Helper Springs Review and Comparison

Not an airbag, not that there’s room, which means no air leaks, no air compressors and no maintenance. SumoSprings come with spacers so you can adjust the height. RV’s and cargo trailers are a giant billboard sign and are terrible with side wind. SumoSprings can help reduce body roll. Less bouncing down the road means the leaf spring suspension parts last longer.  You can mount the SumoSprings on either side of the axle, where ever you have room. And if you have a propane gas line going along the trailer frame near the axle, Sumo comes with a several rubber/steel brackets to move the propane line away from the movement. So keep your trailer in your lane and don’t hold your breath each time you see a pot hole. They are planning on paving some of the roads in Colorado.

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SUMO Helper Springs Explained

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