The Fuel Box and new Dual Fuel Box and Tools

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The Fuel Box and new Dual Fuel Box: for tools and extra fuel to stay on the road longer.

Most of the trucks I’ve had over the last 40 years, had a cross over tool box and a fuel tank. It seems basic to have somewhere to put the tools and a fuel tank for the tractor, skid loader and ATV. I’ve had good ones and bad ones.  The bad ones leaked rain and dirt into my tools and you had to push in the middle of the lid to open the latches. The Fuel Box and new Dual Fuel Box and Tools.

The Fuel Box and new Dual Fuel Box and Tools

The Fuel Box and new Dual Fuel Box and Tools

I like good tools, a tool box and fuel tank company in California makes this quality combo all in the US. It’s called The Fuel Box by Zylstra.  The fuel tank is separate from the tool box, so it can be replaced separately if damaged, and being bolted together protects the fuel tank from toolbox floor impacts with hitches and chains you throw into the tool box. Z-liner Polyurea coating option, like a sprayed in bedliner keeps the tank looking good and easy to maintain lowering the noise from the tools bouncing around in the tool box. Polyurea sprayed on tool box lid can be a dog run. Z-liner, has optional two tone, coat the tank and inside the tool box and leave the rest diamond plate.  Marine grade aluminum is better for corrosion protection.  The tanks also come in diamond plate or smooth aluminum.

The lid has many bends for strength, with a reinforced stiffener panel that is epoxied to the lid for stiffness keeping the industrial T-latches working with one hand. The rigid lid seals better with a wide lip matching to a neoprene seal not foam in the lid and deflects wind that rolls behind your truck cab. The industrial T-latches, unlock from each side and unlatches from each side with one hand. Inside rod connecting both latches is covered. In cheap fuel boxes I’ve had in the past, the exposed rod would get stuck on tools bouncing around and you had to push in the middle to open the tool box. or call 1-559-739-0818

The Fuel Box and new Dual Fuel Box and Tools

The Fuel Box and new Dual Fuel Box and Tools: Fuel Level Controller

The Auto Fuel Controller, a DOT legal kit. fills up the truck standard tank automatically. Fuel line goes into the fill tube from the bed tank. The system ties into the trucks fuel gauge and automatically fills the truck tank when it’s down to a 1/4 tank. It keeps cycling until it’s empty and shuts off automatically. Float sending unit  protects wires from fuel. transistor with float in the tube made from aluminum made to last. Fuel tank has baffle walls, with a flange all around the baffles for better welds. The baffles support tank walls and support the tool box. The Auto Fuel Controller wires into the trucks sending unit.

The Fuel Box starts at 37 gallons on up to 87 gallons. Extra fuel saves cost per gallon when you can make it to the next state where fuel is cheaper. You can choose where to get fuel and save $.40 or more a gallon. I buy fuel in Missouri and Ok, avoid Ohio and California. Fuel savings pays for the tank.  The tool boxes are flush with bed rail to be compatible with goosenecks and 5th wheels. Tanks have clearance for gooseneck balls and 5-th wheel hitches including B&W Companion hitch.

US made fuel transfer pump and hose locks into the toolbox. 13 gallons per minute will get your tractor filled fast. Parts are US made, wiring harness are truck brand specific. New pork chop style tool box fit the rear of your truck bed. They are made with the same quality and seal tight with sliding trays on the tailgate side with storage above.

New Dual Tank Fuelbox for Diesel Exhaust Fluid or Methanol for water injection

The Fuel Box and new Dual Fuel Box and Tools

The Fuel Box and new Dual Fuel Box and Tools: With Duel Tanks

Now you can stay on the road longer between fill ups. Read the article

As reviewed on RFD TV, click to view

The Fuel Box Factory Tour in  California below.

The Fuel Box interview from the NFR in Vegas below.

For more see or call 1-559-739-0818

The Fuel Box combination fuel tank and heavy duty tool box

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