Overhauler Power Tilting Truck Overhead Racks

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Overhauler Power Tilting Truck Overhead Racks

Overhauler Power Tilting Truck Overhead Racks

You have never seen anything like this;

A ladder rack, power hoist and a boat hauler. Overhauler started as a power boat loader. Great for moving engines and transmissions. Hydraulic cylinders tilt the rack and a winch will lift whatever you need into your truck. Side by Side model too. We all haul heavy tools in our truck beds. Save your back and keep working with this portable crane.

Overhead Racks in loading position

Remote control allows you to move around the truck while loading cargo. Tie down cleats to secure your load. You won’t have to drill holes to attach the Overhauler. The rack will tilt below your tailgate to reach a 60 degree loading angle. That angle makes it easy to load long objects and for heavy loads, the winch does the work.

Make your truck into a popular overland project too, camp with a tent on top of the Overhauler and your boat.


Rack options for Side by Side’s too.







Overhauler Super Overhead Racks Coming to SEMA in Las Vegas Nevada October 30- November 2, 2018. Booth #36183 Upper South Hall.  Website, phone  1-888-421-0770

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