Trailer-Tug trailer mover

Introducing Trailer Tug, a simple way to move trailers. We have 6 test trailers and I move trailers every week. I’ve been towing trailers for over 40 years, but I still get tired of hooking and rehooking. Especially in a building, tring to put trailers next to a wall and be efficient with your floor space. Ideal for boat trailers, horse trailers, travel trailers and ATV trailers. I put mine together in 15 minutes with the urethane wheels, each wheel is rated for 2000 lbs. The steer wheel has a brake. No air in the Tug tires, with optional rubber tires filled with urethane, designed for gravel roads and pastures. Frame of the Trailer Tug is powder coated.

My trailer yard is fenced, I think the Trailer Tug would be good to move my trailers up against a fence, tongue first so thieves couldn’t get a truck in front of my trailers and drive away. Having a trailer stole is expensive, but not just the trailer but also the lost time, buying another trailer, dealing with insurance companies and the police.  for more information

Lifetime Warranty against manufacture defects.

Trailer Tug Trailer Mover Video


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